How to build an online coaching business that makes sales

In this day and age it might seem like everyone and their dog is starting an online business, but let’s face it there’s a difference between starting an online business vs an online business that actually makes sales. The fact is that a large percentage of those businesses that get started never make a sale!

I spend almost everyday working in this topic after all it’s what I do, I help online business owners make sales, when I started my online business in 2013 it took me 6 months to make a single sale WHAT! I know right but then I went from 0 – 10k in a week!!

There’s some things I see in common with the businesses that close without making a sale and I was going to write about them but then I decided no let’s flip it. So I’m going to share with you how to build an online business that doesn’t become a closed statistic  but an online business that actually makes sales.


1 . Be specific

The online world is a big place and it’s very noisy, the more broad you are the more you’re going to blend into the background. Those big names you see might be broad but they didn’t start there, they can be broad because they’ve got the following, they’ve done the ground work. When I first started in 2013 I started with time management and then I quickly moved into Facebook Page Marketing…yep I was that specific. But you’ve got to be specific if you want to cut through all the noise that’s out there. What are you going to get known for?


  1. Know your ideal client

Yes you need one, now I’m not suggesting you go out there and ask 200 random people to fill in a questionnaire, I mean you can if you want but your results will likely be all over the place. What I always suggest is starting closer to home, who do you love working with? Who would you absolutely love to help? Maybe they’re where you 12 months ago or 2 years etc? Who do you relate to? It’s vitally important you don’t try and talk to everyone because like point 1 you’re going to blend into the noise and you won’t make sales.


  1. Know who you don’t want to work with

You might know who you want to work with but what about who you don’t want to work with, why would you even need to know that? Simple so you can filter them out. Don’t want people who work in certain sectors then be sure not to market to them. Don’t want people who don’t take action then be sure to tell them it’s not for them. Knowing who you don’t want to work with is almost as important as knowing who you do want to work with.


  1. Sell the want

Before you dive in and create a package/offering remember one thing….your ideal clients will buy what they WANT! It’s important you know the difference between what they want and what they need, see you as the expert will know what they need and that’s cool but they won’t buy it. What they’ll buy is the solution to the want they desire, so when creating your package remember to position it from what they WANT and not from your expertise of what they need.


  1. Show up consistently & Build

Find where they hang out and come up with a plan of how you can show up in front of them, this might be different for everyone reading this depending on who your ideal clients are but whoever you’re trying to work with it’s important you know how to get in front of them. Where do they hang out? Where do they go? What do they read? Are they listening to podcasts? Might they be searching for answers to their problems online? Then you’ve got to remember to be showing up in ways that enable them to see you as the person that has what they want and it also means you can build a KLT (know like trust) with them. So what type of content would position you as an expert in front of them? Then it’s important you grow a community of your own somewhere, it could be a Facebook group, mailing list etc


  1. Ask for the sale

If there’s one thing I see over and over again it’s people not asking for the sale, listen you can show up everyday of the week but if you don’t actually ask for the sale then people will unlikely buy. Always always always ask for the sale!


  1. Collaborate

Collaborating is an important tool because it enables you to get in front of an audience you might not have had access to before and it enables you to grow fairly quickly when it’s done correctly too. They key with collaborations is to collaborate with people who would benefit your ideal clients and likely you benefit their audience but not be doing the same thing. You could have each other as guests in your group, do a giveaway together, joint training etc etc get creative with it!


  1. Be who you need to be

This might seem like a strange one but the person who has a successful business that makes sales isn’t the person sitting there reading this today, because if that was the case you’d be there already. Who do you need to be? Who would you be if you were already there? How would you feel? What would you be doing? What would you think?…step into who you need to be!


Essentially that’s it

That’s all that goes into building an online business that makes sales but none of it works without consistency and action taking. If you show up for a week then disappear for 3 then it won’t work. Building an online business that makes sales requires a commitment from you!

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