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Break Room Design: Keep it Functional and Chic

The workplace has transformed over the years and it seems that it will constantly keep changing in order to fit the needs of all employees. More importantly, it has become crucial for businesses to present the work environment as safe and inviting as possible in order to boost the appeal of their company and raise productivity among workers. For this reason, large corporations and small businesses are putting a lot of effort into creating an ideal break room. With the aim of helping you design the perfect one, we have singled out a couple of solutions to make your break room functional and chic.


The ideal place for a meal

launch break
Nowadays, most people can’t fit the time for a decent meal into their busy work schedule so they opt for unhealthy fast food, which only slows them down and makes them tired. In order to avoid this, don’t hesitate to invest into a high-quality canteen for the break room where your workers can enjoy cooked meals and fresh fruit during their breaks. On top of that, it’s wise to see to it that the dining area is equipped with the necessary appliances so that everyone can prepare their own meals and drinks if they want to. Lastly, if you want to spoil your employees, you can invest in smoothie and juice machines and promote a healthier lifestyle.


A spot for R&R

play room
When it comes to working in a 9-5 office setting, people’s minds can easily become burdened with boredom and lack of stimulation. Therefore, in order to enhance workers’ motivation, willpower and mood, you need to invest in a break room where everyone can unwind in their own desired way. For example, some people like meditating to relieve all the accumulated stress, so you can dedicate a part of the space to yoga and meditation sessions. On the other hand, others prefer playing games like table tennis, foosball, pool, etc. We guarantee your employees will be very grateful for this and will be more than happy to come to work and give their 100%.


Relaxing ambiance with chic lights

lighting options
Another important step towards creating an ideal break room is to find the right lighting. It has been proven that poorly lit spaces can have a detrimental effect on employees’ productivity and health. That’s why it’s recommendable to opt for LED ambient lighting alternatives like gorgeous chandeliers and pendant lights, which are now the no.1 choice all over Aussies’ modern break rooms. With this in mind, remember to explore various lighting shops in Sydney until you find the one that will suit your space the most.


Comfort zone

lounge area

A break room would be incomplete without chic and cosy furniture. Everybody experiences from time to time the need to take a 15-minute powernap during their break at work, and that’s where lazy bags, couches and armchairs would be the perfect choice and make the space feel more inviting. Furthermore, if you want to add elegance and style to this area, don’t hesitate to go for exquisite Barcelona chairs which will sweep everyone off their feet. Lastly, once you’ve invested in these furniture pieces, you’ll be able to turn your dull break room into a fancy lounge area in no time.


Go green

green room
Last but not least, adding greenery to your decor can have a huge positive impact on the atmosphere in the break room. Not only will it improve the aesthetic appeal of the room, but it will also help purify the air and produce oxygen. Therefore, if you want to breathe new life into this space, you should definitely invest in beautiful flower arrangements, or go for some small potted trees like Ferns, Dragon Trees, or Ficuses. Additionally, if you want something that looks and feels like the real thing but doesn’t require constant care, you can opt for fake plants instead.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to transform the break room into stylish and functional space that can accommodate all your employees’ needs. All you need is genuine care for your workers’ wellbeing and the will to make bald design decisions. Good luck on your project.

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