Bills dont suck, maybe your attitude does!

No one wants to talk about bills. Bills are the antichrist, right?


Bills are awesome… Bills are my FAVOURITE!

 You probably think I’m crazy right now. but, stay with me here …

Bills are amazing because of all the cool opportunities we got to experience because of the bills. it’s time to learn to love them.

You see, when you hate your bills…
When you resist them…
You get MORE of them.

If you find paying for bills to be a painful, yucky, horrible process full of guilt and fear, you’ll sabotage yourself from making more $$$ to prevent you from having to pay more bills.

What we focus on we create more of, so in theory, if you spend all day stressing about your bills, you will find 3 more in the mail the next day. If you really truly want to create and attract more money into your life and fewer bills, then you need to be able to stop worrying and hating paying bills. It’s time to flip the switch and appreciate all the amazing things your bills gave you because when you stop and think about everything that electricity bills, school fee, tax debt actually gives you, its impossible to resent your bills.

For example ….

Every Monday morning I grab out the bills from the top drawer of my desk and as I pay each one, I take a moment to express my gratitude and think about everything that bill has given me over the month or year. Then once I have paid the bill, I write “thank you” on it ( instead of writing “PAID”, like I use to)  and file it. 

I pay my council rates and I’m so happy to pay it because of all the incredible footpaths my kids ride their bikes on, the parks and picnic spots we visit on the weekends and the library where we borrow books. 
I am grateful for the rubbish removal that happens every week and the workers that come and collect out compost and recycling

I pay my Electricity bill … and I’m so happy to pay it because of all the hot showers I’ve relaxed in, all the meals I have cooked for my family, all the times we have watched harry potter together as a family on our TV with a  bowl of microwavable popcorn .. and mostly for COFFEE ! 

I pay my taxes…. and I am so happy to pay it  because of the emergency services, police and fireman I could call straight away if I was in trouble,  because of my children’s little public school, the incredible teachers that work there and the new park they play on thanks for a government grant. 
I’m happy to pay my taxes, because it means when my children are sick I can take them to the doctor and be bulk billed, my son can access extra therapy for his disability and the local CAFHS that helped me so many times when I was a new mum and had no idea what I was doing …. 

I am so incredibly grateful and thankful that I have to opportunity to exchange money for these experiences, services, and value I get in return!


STOP HATING YOUR BILLS … instead be thankful to have them.

Such a simple little shift of mindset can have such a big effect on our lives 

Ready to give it a go….?

– Go and find all the bills you need to pay, or if you are all up to date get the last few you have paid… 
Hold each one in your hand and spend a few moments mentally listing every experience and service you had in exchange for that bill … say thank you, express your gratitude. You could even hand write a thank you letter if your feeling like going the extra mile to release the resentment.

If you need to pay your bill and then write on your bill in a cute pen or if you’re like me pink glittery texta, THANKYOU 🙂 
before filing them away again.

Doesn’t that feel so much better?


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