Beyond beauty – what goes into the home staging process

So, it’s time to sell. This is an exciting time for you as the seller, and for your potential buyers out there looking to snag their next home or investment property. However, before you list your property, staging your home to have it look its best will ensure you higher attendance at your open homes, and ideally, a higher buying price. Home staging is one of the greatest assets you can use when selling your home, so let’s get into what the process is.


Knowing the buyer and their style

Besides your real estate agent, no one knows the buying market quite like companies specialising in home staging in Melbourne. They play in this space 7 days a week, and transform your home to meet and exceed the decor they are looking for, in the style they love. Chances are you are not up to date with each and every design trend, and how these trends enhance space, light and architecture. But your home staging stylist is.

Before you commence your home staging process, they will walk around your home with you and discuss your sale expectations. During this, you can learn what that buyer looks like and what can be deployed to speak to that buyer.


Highlighting the homes features

Your home will be swiftly emptied and new furniture, pieces of art and stylish touches will be added to your home. Your stylist will work to highlight the greatest features of your home, like dressing a kitchen to be ready for a home meal, or using the right shade of rug and furniture that will make the natural light seem even more exaggerated. Natural features of your home are the things your potential buyer will remember, and your stylist will asses whether you home falls into contemporary, classic or any style and then style within that framework.


Hiding the homes downfalls

We may not like to admit it, but our homes are not totally perfect. Perhaps it’s damage to a room or poor planning from the original owners that built it. Home staging will counter those home downfalls and set in place features that will minimise or remove them altogether. Manipulating the size of the furniture, and using rugs and art to soften a space – your stylist will recognise what needs to be on show, and what can be removed from view. Don’t worry, this is done ethically and nothing that would seriously impact a buyers decision will be hidden, just minimised through styling.


Staying within budget

If you are thinking that this sounds quite expensive, you will be surprised to learn that it isn’t. It is possible to style your home on a budget. Before you start the process, have a frank discussion with your home stager and tell them the budget you are working with. Your home stager will charge you as an hourly rate inclusive of decor hire, cleaning, removal of decor, and returning your home to previous state.

Any one who has sold a home with home stagers will tell you that it is worth every cent, and may get you a higher number than you could have imagined. These stylists have access to thousands of pieces and will source the best to enhance your home – this is an expensive task to do on your own.


You only get one chance at a first impression, so control the outcome and use a stylist to stage your home for sale. People remember how a home makes them feel, not the size of the second bathroom of the natural light in the laundry. Give your home the best makeover of its life, and your greatest chance in catching the interest of the buyer and sale price you are striving for.

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