Best outdoor team building ideas (and How it Benefits Your Employees)

Team building is not a new thing in the world of businesses. Still, many business owners don’t really get why team building is important for their employees and, thus, the business. They don’t always choose the right team building activities or the right location for everybody to enjoy.

If you, as a business owner, really want to use the benefits of team building activities to the fullest, then you have to know which activities would suit your team best and why. Here you have a list of some great and effective activities for your employees.

What is team building and why should it be done outside

Team building events aim at bringing employees together in many aspects. They serve to strengthen the employees’ motivation and to lift up the spirits in the company. They aim to show each employee that they are a meaningful part of a team and that they have reliable coworkers around them whom they can trust.

Team building activities help employees to get to know each other better in situations anything like their workplace. They create a bridge across different departments of a firm, whose members wouldn’t have the chance to meet others from other departments. They also add fun to professional relations and enhance collaboration and communication among employees.

The reason why outdoor team building activities are so valuable is that, first of all, most people enjoy spending time in nature. Most of us spend a big part of our lives in closed spaces like offices, and we embrace every chance we get to go outdoors. Furthermore, people are more relaxed when they are in a natural, open environment. They don’t feel the need to act like somebody else and they are more prone to be simply themselves. Spending time outside is healthy for everybody, as fresh air and natural landscape do so much good for our minds and bodies. Employees will appreciate you giving them the opportunity to be kids again, somewhere in the wilderness. It will bring out positive memories and emotions – which you need to build a stronger, closer team for your company. As you can see, mental and health benefits are various. People will get their circulation move, they will reduce the level of stress and they will experience calmness in nature.

1. Jungle survival

In this type of activity, your employees really have to act as a team. There are many challenges they will run into in the jungle, and each one of them will force them to act like one. Another benefit here is that these challenges need imaginative and creative solutions, which help your employees develop their creativity and originality. Nothing gets your blood flowing as the old “man vs. jungle” story.

2. Hiking adventure

In Australia, many team building activities include hiking tours through the stunning wilderness. This is a great activity for several reasons. First of all, if you choose the right route, your employees will get the chance to enjoy stunning views, just like many Australians enjoy the routes like Three Capes walking tours. Secondly, hiking has great health benefits, while it also reduces stress and silences our minds. Your team will be bonded by wonderful experience of exploring nature and reaching their finish line together (not without a certain amount of effort!).

3. Raft building

This isn’t just about sailing on a raft. This also includes having to build a raft first! It will probably be one of the most exciting outdoor activities your team will ever experience because it includes something they have never done before. It is a great opportunity for them to build something with their own hands, to learn a new skill and expand their knowledge. What’s best, they don’t get to do it on their own but they need to collaborate with others in order to make a truly strong and reliable raft. If everybody needs to fit in the raft, then they will need to approach the task professionally and responsibly, while also feeling like they are experiencing something similar to Robinson Crusoe’s adventure.

4. Treasure hunt

We all like feeling like children from time to time. And what do most children enjoy? Acting like pirates and look for treasure! Hardly anyone will stay immune to this infectious activity. Looking for the treasure, reading the map and discovering clues are incredibly exciting. The best part is that this activity really enhances leadership, as well as communication skills and problem-solving. Every team member needs to learn how to communicate with another member effectively, while some will have to improve their leadership skills in order to lead the team in the right way.

Final comment

Team building is a wonderful opportunity for your employees to get close and to trust each other. The better they get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, the better they will function at your company. Consequently, the better it will be for your business.

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