Best Free Resources for Finding Your Dream Job

Congratulations for graduating from college and now ready to conquer the world by launching your career with your recent-grad job search. With all the excitement, you might also be nervous and a bit of wondering as to how long it will be before you land your dream job. This is understandable given the unpredictability of the job-search process.

But with a bit of effort, due diligence, patience, and planning on your part, you’ll land the right job to launch your career soon enough. Below are some valuable job resources to support you on your path to finding your dream job.

  1. A Visually Stunning Resume With CV

Your resume and CV needs to be top notch if you need to make a great first impression when looking for a new job during interviews. The resume and CV are still very much crucial resources during the hiring process. It is a recruiter’s first point of reference, and a poorly designed resume and cover letter will immediately turn the recruiter off.

There are CV and resume builders who help you streamline the process of creating a through easy to use templates. With the marketing template, a job seeker can redesign it to suit your industry, and the two-color resume body makes for a distinctly modern presentation.

Users can change the visual layout of their resumes with the click of a button, which automatically formats information to meet your preferences.

  1. Score A Job At Google

Google is undoubtedly one of the best resources to get your foot in your d dream job which requires a mixture of skill and dedication. If you want to land a job at Google, you need to have a solid foundation in computer science, among other factors. It’s especially important that candidates possess adaptable technical skills, and are dynamic enough to keep to an ever-evolving market.

Google has recently, created a guide for technical development to give candidates some guidance on how they might score a job at the tech behemoth. They also listed a number of courses and suggested resources which they thought would candidates hone their technical skills.

Interestingly, these are courses are mostly free of charge, or offered at a low cost. They are available at sites like Coursera and can teach candidate’s skills they might not have thoroughly learned in the classroom or through work experience.

Google alerts also allows you to be notified if and when your favourite companies post new positions and will enable you to keep up with recent news about the company. This also gives your information to use in case you’re called for an interview.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is regarded as the millennials as the most professional social networking site. It’s a powerful job resource to help you land your dream career, as well many other important connections. Currently, Over 90% of employers use LinkedIn for recruiting, and this calls for a complete LinkedIn profile before starting to connect with others.

LinkedIn a specific page dedicated to Entry-Level job postings where you can narrow down your search by selecting specific search criteria. The platform also allows you to set up job notifications which are sent to your inbox right away.

  1. Find Opportunities With Hireart

If you want to land your job soon, HireArt compiles some of the hottest opportunities for you to consider. The site engages the candidates to answer some questionnaires and submit video interviews, which the company, in turn, uses to pair candidates with prospective employers. They access the skills, experience, and aspiration of jobseekers and help connect them with potential employers.

  1. Position Yourself As Poachable

Are you still employed but unhappy with the current work situation? Or have you stagnated in your career due to lack of time to commit to a full-fledged job hunt? If you’re the one I’m talking about, then apps like Poacht and websites like Poachable are your perfect partner.

These platforms are powerful yet require minimal effort on the part of job seekers, and employ match-making systems. Candidates may engage timelines like “I want out of my current job ASAP” to “I’d leave in the instance of an amazing opportunity.”

Interestingly, these Apps and websites have a way of ensuring that your current employer doesn’t have a hint that you’re looking for a job.

  1. Discover Your Hidden Strengths With Good.Co

This is a “self-discovery engine,” App which aims to help users glean insights that can improve their career outlook and path. Job seekers take science-based queries that highlight their skills and strengths. The App also uncovers personality attributes that might lead to crucial career decisions.

  1. Find Job Opportunities With Dreamjobbing

Traditionally, opportunities show up once in a lifetime. But the DreamJobbing comes to change the ideology through matching job seekers with incredible experiences and jobs. It seeks to help people see the newest opportunities on a regular basis, unlike other ordinary platforms.

Potential candidates submit a one-minute video to showcase their passions and creativity. Though the site currently only offers a few “dream jobs” up for grabs, its focus is to expand to more full-time opportunities for job seekers.

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