Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps You’re Not Using

Android, which was first introduced to the smartphone market in 2007, has been the leading operating system since 2011. That means that a lot of people have Android phones and with those phones come apps. Apps for everything from finding a restaurant to editing documents to games galore. Here are some of the best Android apps you might not have on your phone yet, especially if you’re a vaper.


Gallery Doctor – Photo Cleaner

All those duplicate photos on your phone’s hard drive taking up space. You could go through and delete them all manually, but why take all that time? Photo Doctor has your back. Photo Doctor will take care of your duplicate photos, but wait, there’s more. Not only will it take care of duplicate photos, similar photos, and even your poorly shot photos. It will allow you to review the results before deleting, so you won’t accidentally delete something important.


Get Rich or Die Smoking

One of the most important factors in quitting smoking is motivation. Second, comes support. Get Rich or Die Smoking has your back on both accounts. Get Rich or Die Smoking not only shows you how much you’ve saved by quitting, it will also show you what you can afford with what you’ve saved. Not only that, but it allows you to track your health improvements and the number of cigarettes you haven’t smoked.



QuitNow! is yet another quit smoking app for Android phones. Like the previous app, QuitNow allows you to track the number of cigarettes you haven’t smoked, how much you’ve saved, and how long it’s been since you quit. However, QuitNow! goes the extra step of letting you know exactly how many minutes you’ve added to your life since kicking the habit.



Vape can help you keep track of spending through the app as well as let you know if you’re overspending on things. It will also allow you to track how much money you’re saving vaping versus smoking. This ingenious little app also turns it into a game by allowing you to unlock achievements once you’ve reached certain milestones. Whether you’re a fan of box mods or prefer your desktop vaporizer, this is a fun addition to your app list.



Visiting a recreational state and need to know where the closest dispensary is located? Weedmaps can help you find it. Not only that, but this little app can help you decide if you want to visit a particular dispensary by posting customer reviews. They also include prices and pictures of current offerings and some even offer limited-time Groupon like deals.



Feeling lonely being the only one in your friends’ circle who doesn’t smoke? Or just looking for some company with similar cannabis interests? HighThere is kind of like the Tinder of Cannabis apps. Tell the app your preferences, your mood, and your smoking preference, and it will hook you up with people nearby that share your interests.


Weed Firm: Replanted

If you liked games like Farmville and Township, but want a more 420-focused game, then Weed Firm is for you. In this game, you’re in the role of Ted Growing, a botany student who has been expelled and inherits a weed farm. You must harvest and grow the farm by planting different strains. You also have to defend your farm from local thugs, corrupt cops, and even invading aliens.



Sometimes, you just don’t want to get up from the couch, get into your car, and drive to your nearby dispensary. Eaze lets you search dispensaries for deals on buds, concentrates, and other cannabis products, lets you order them online and gets them delivered right to your door by a dispensary driver.

There are so many applications out there for your Android device that you might just run out of space. By knowing what apps are must-have and what you can skip, you can save room on your device for more photos!

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