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Best activities for a weekend in Long Beach, California

The weekend serves as a time for us to leave the work week behind and spend a couple of days sleeping in and having fun with friends and family. While spring is just around the corner, some people don’t want to wait an extra month to enjoy some nice weather. If you have a long weekend coming up, we suggest spending it in Long Beach.

This town is full of activities that you can enjoy under the sun. Some of these options take you out on the ocean, while others involve checking out what’s happening in the downtown area. Here are the best activities for a weekend in Long Beach, California.


Days at the Beach

The weather in Long Beach is too good to pass up a day at the beach, where you can relax in the sand while you work on your tan or explore the closer parts of the ocean by snorkeling underwater and getting close to fish, stingrays, crabs and other sea creatures. If you want to venture out even further and get good photos of larger mammals, you can go whale watching or shark diving.

There are plenty of services nearby that provide custom surfing lessons in case you want to hunt for huge waves and show off your new tricks. Kayaking and paddleboarding are other options in case you want to take your time hanging out in the water while you watch the sun set over the ocean. You could also take a boat out to catch some fish and show them off to everyone at home.


Check Out Artwork

One obligation that all tourists have when exploring cities they’ve never been to before is to find the most creative artwork in town. That won’t be a problem in Long Beach, as this spot has two museums that will treat you with amazing visuals. One of them is the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), which is home to a variety of sculptures and gardens.

The second museum to visit is the Long Beach Museum of Art, which provides over 3,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings and other projects made by professionals throughout history and from different parts of the world. Educational programs of different levels are also available in case you’re visiting with your family and have kids who are aspiring artists.


Enjoy Some Racing

In case you’re used to attending football, basketball or baseball games and want to enjoy a more unique form of competition, this city is home to the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, a race that is held every year and is the longest running major street race to take place in North America. Several championships are held and future racers from across the country.

You’ll have to time your visit wisely if you want to attend this race since it is held every April. However, the website features a variety of statistics so that can help you make the right pick for the next race in case you like to bet with your friends. Shops for the race are also available and have different TV shirts and souvenirs you can buy to bring with you to the occasion.


Gondola Rides

If you’ve always wanted to go to Venice, Italy and relax on gondola rides as you tour through the city, Long Beach has the next best thing in case you’re still working on a time and budget for such a vacation. The rides in this city offer tours that will take you through the canals of Naples Island or on Alamitos Bay, which will seem extra romantic if you decide to ride when the sun is setting over the city and water.

Residents and tourists also have the option of having a nice meal while they travel along the water thanks to the brunch cruise tours. This should also help you save on time and money if you weren’t sure of where to eat before or after the tour.


The Queen Mary

Fans of horror movies, especially those revolving around haunted hotels such as “The Shining,” will want to check out the Queen Mary hotel to see if they come across any evil spirits lurking throughout the area. Ghost-hunting tours and killer mazes are available so that you can learn about the history of the hotel, who stayed there, and tales of what happened to them.

If you don’t have any luck spotting ghosts, you can at least make additions to your photo collection by snapping pictures of different parts of the area’s insides and outsides. Tours are available throughout the year, so you don’t have to wait until Halloween to get into the mood for some frights. The bar is also open in case you want to grab some drinks along the way.

Keep these options in mind so that you have a blast on your next, or first, Long Beach vacation.

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