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Benefits of Offering Transcripts to Your Audience

Why should you offer transcripts to your audience? The fact is, there are many benefits to doing so. Let’s look at some of them.


1. They’ll Be More Likely to Find Your Content

Transcripts help search engines find your content due to search engine optimization. The way search engines work is to scan the content on your site, and it cannot see a video. However, it can see the tags, the titles, the headers, and the content that is in text. Therefore, if you want your audience to find you, adding transcripts is a good choice.


2. It Will Work Better for the Hearing Impaired

If you don’t offer transcripts, you could be missing out on an entire segment of your audience, namely the hearing impaired. Even if you just have one hearing impaired audience member, it’s worth it to offer the transcription option to them. Likely, though, you have more than one.


3. Some People Want to Read Content over Listening

While many people love the video, there are still those who would rather read the content than watching a video. In fact, some will just click away if it’s on video.


4. It Enables Them to Keep Notes More Easily

If your content is full of data and information, getting to see the transcript (especially if you date stamp the sections) will help them get more out of the information and help them keep notes of the audio or video more easily.


5. It Promotes a Better Understanding of the Information

Many people learn best by reading over listening. This acknowledges the different learning styles that your audience has and will help them really “get it”. A lot of people will read the transcript and listen to the audio.


6. Your Audience May Be in a Hurry to Get the Information 

Listening to a one-hour podcast will take an hour. But reading it will take just minutes. This can save time for busy people. They still get the benefit of your content without having to sit through an hour which may make them decide not to listen. If they read it and find it interesting, they may choose to turn around and watch anyway.


7. It’s Convenient for Your Audience

Offering this added convenience is worth it to your audience and will make them feel as if you’re offering them even more value. You want them to notice your hard work, and by adding transcripts they’ll really appreciate that added effort and take you more seriously.


8. Some of Your Audience May Still Be Unable to Watch Video

Some people still live in parts of the country where watching video regularly is impossible due to not having access to high-speed internet on their personal computers. While they can probably watch on their mobile, many are on their computer when at home.

It’s clear that offering transcripts are a huge benefit to your audience that you don’t want to miss out on. If you can reach just a few more people by providing transcripts, it will also benefit your bottom line – making it more than worth it to add transcripts to your audio and video content for your audience.

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