Benefits & drawbacks of an office move decision

Moving your business to a new location is a big decision that can affect the rest of your business life. Whether you are thinking of a better place for your business or your rate of growth is high, you need to think over and again whether that is the right step you can make at that time. Scrutinize the motivation the movement will bring to you and your employees. You can ask yourself whether you want to bring in more recruits or you want to get closer to the target market.

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To help you make the right choice whether to relocate and assist you in executing the move, you can approach any professional moving company, to help determine what consequences the move would have on your business. The following are some benefits and disadvantages for relocation both to the employer and employees.

1. High Productivity

Relocating to a more spacious office will create a more productive environment for your workers. As an employer, you can increase the workload, insist efficiency, and develop staff level of performance. You can look around and notice some indicators for a need of a bigger space. If you find yourself struggling to get a parking space, space for the recruits, or store for the files, then, that is a clear indication that you need a larger area.

2. Proximity to Target Market

If you feel that you can increase your sale’s level by getting closer to the clients, or your staff cover long distances to reach the customers, then, you should draw closer to have the full attention of the clients. On the other hand, this would mean that the customers have a tough time trying to reach your office and that hinders the growth of production. Therefore, you should relocate to a convenient location not to give room for the customers to choose your competitors over your company.

3. Lower Cost of Relocating

The cost of transferring may not necessarily mean the cash you spend on the move but the amount of money your business would save at long last in the new place. Various movers will advise you to take consideration on the cost of living in the new area, means of commuting, and the price of your commodity to know whether the move will save you money in the end. For instance, you can determine the amount of money you would save by being in an expensive area close to the clients and by being further from the customers in the cheaper surrounding.

As a good business person you should also consider the drawbacks of the relocation as below:

 A Lot of Planning

Relocating an office requires a lot of care and serious planning to ensure the movement happens within the stipulated time and as budget. In planning for a move, there are properties to consider and contracts that you go through to execute the move as per the law. The whole planning process to the day you move needs you to hire a manager and additional assistance. To save you the stress of additional management, you can approach a professional mover company which contains relevant experience, and has proved themselves as a trusted corporate removalist.

Cost of New Technology and Furniture

To many clients, relocation means that the business is growing. Therefore, to earn your clients’ trust with the services you provide, you need to purchase new furniture to give the office a new look. Spending huge money on expensive infrastructure now will save you from buying new items every year.

Affecting the Production

One of the drawbacks of the business during relocation is the low level of production in the first few days, weeks, or months. The process of moving is a critical decision you will need to make. You should ensure that the money invested in the move is worth. Also, you should know that you will need some more time for the business to adapt to the new place. You will require some time to set some things to match your business, like considering factors that will affect the production.

As you can see, the idea of business relocation can wipe away your investment. However, when the move is worth the risk, the business can get that new appearance that will raise the level of performance of your employees and the business as a whole.

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