Behind the Scenes Video – Gold for Influencers

Behind the scenes, what does it really mean? To put it simply, it is about what really happens on set for a photoshoot or event. There are hundreds of photos online and in print, but historically no one really knew what happens in the background and what doesn’t make it film.  However, models and influencers can capture amazing footage behind the scenes, which tells the viewer so much more than what a photo does and it’s a influencers strategy.

 When I use the term ‘film’ I am talking about the more professional use of the word. Obviously, anyone, these days can make a ‘video’. Videos more or less can be recorded and produced by any device. And it’s not to say that iPhones and smartphones can’t film decent footage, because these days the technology they use is incredible. But if you were to do the comparison, a film crew with proper equipment, lighting and training come out on top when compared with a smartphone.

 I have always taken my career seriously and treated it as a business. One thing I learned in short courses, and this applies to any business actually, appearance is a priority. People judge shops and other businesses quite quickly. And at the end of the day as a model and an actress in training, why would I want something that doesn’t look professional on my profile. It would only make me look like an amateur. So for my brand and image, I always have the ‘Behind the Scenes’ films created professionally. And notice how already film sounds more prestigious and professional than a mobile phone video?  

 The film captures so much more than a simple picture: it captures movement and sound too. I love Behind the Scenes films so my fans and followers can see ‘more of me’ and really get to know me as a performer. And finally, of course, films and simple videos can get you a lot of exposure on social media.

 JSM TV is where I load my films and Behind the Scenes videos. My channel was launched over a year ago on YouTube. JSM TV is about my journey in my career and whilst it may not be a show on Foxtel, Bravo TV or on E Entertainment, I am really looking to launching it into a proper reality and entertainment show some day. 


Here are some of my tips for creating Behind the Scenes videos:

 – Sometimes it’s hard finding the right videographer. Instagram and even Facebook can have a lot of unqualified videographers listed and posting. So if you are unsure, “Google” videographers or film companies. You will be able find professional and qualified people on the Web with a little research.

 – When location scouting for your film, non-populated outdoor areas (or areas with minimal people) or hotels usually work best. You can invest in ‘location scouters’ (these are people who will find one on your behalf) or consider hiring a property for a day for the purpose of commercial/non- commercial shoots. They usually cost a lot of money and can easily start anywhere from $1500.

 – If you can’t invest in a qualified professional to do your video, perhaps ask a student. A lot of the time they can be very skilled and will know what they are doing. They can also have access to film equipment through their school and may even help you out for free, or for a small amount of remuneration. The only downside is that if you have a high quality idea in mind, they might not have the skills or equipment to deliver that sort of result for you. 

 – Remember to watermark your videos, as this protects your brand. These days it’s very easy for anyone to download videos online. But when they come across videos with watermarks, people will know it’s you and your brand, wherever the videos end up. These days some tech clever people can remove the watermarks, but at least it’s a small deterrent to having your content stolen.


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