Awesome tips to overcome your dependence on smoking

It is hard to quit smoking, but not impossible. Check out these 9 interesting tips to strategically stop smoking for good and overcome the addiction.

Congratulations! By heading over here to read this post, you have taken the right first step towards quitting your smoking habit. But the road is a bit long ahead. You need to prepare your mind for this decision, then, help your body to recover from the habit of smoking step-by-step.

It all starts by defining your reasons to quit smoking. You want to make yourself healthy again. Your family is suffering from this dangerous habit of yours. You are wasting too much cash on buying cigarettes. All these factors are important to recognize. In fact, it would be wise if you write your smoking-related problems on a large paper and hang it on your bedroom wall. With that, you can utilize all the following habits to get over your smoking habit:

Give a starting date to begin your quitting plan

First of all, you should acknowledge the difficulty of leaving the smoking habit. Also, remind yourself that it is not impossible to stop smoking. It is all about planning and setting the right goals.

You can start by giving yourself a date when you want to begin the quitting plan. Choose a date, which offers you enough time to prepare for everything. The preparation includes talking to people who will help you. Informing other smokers about your plan, so they don’t force you into smoking again. With these preparations, the chances of successfully quitting increases to a great extent.


List down your triggers and avoid them

Every smoker has his or her own triggers that lead to smoking every day. These triggers can be the office work time when you feel the peak of stress. Or, it could be pastime whenever you are out with a particular friend. Such triggers are important to notice, so that, you can avoid them successfully.

Write down all the triggers of your everyday life. Then, whenever such situations occur remind yourself why you want to quit smoking and how important this is for you. Tell your smoker friends to not force or smoke in front of you. If they don’t support, try avoiding them for a few weeks.


Drink healthy liquids and water

Water and other healthy liquids are effective in keeping you hydrated. Cold water also helps in limiting the need for smoking. So, if you are constantly thinking about smoking, try having sips of water in its ice cold state. Avoid junk food if you feel stressed about smoking. Choose healthy liquids such as juices to calm your cravings.


Keep your mind occupied

When you have nothing to do, you feel bored. And that boredom reminds you about smoking. Hence, you need to find different ways to keep your mind busy and occupied all the time. Plan your day from start till the end. This way, you will keep yourself occupied with different thoughts and activities. Make sure your plans include work and entertainment together. You don’t want to feel too stressed out, as it will enhance the craving. Try spending time with your family and friends who are non-smokers. Plan a fulfilling day to learn to live without smoking.


No occasion is a “cigarette occasion”

During the time of quitting, smokers think that one or two cigarettes don’t harm. But that is not true. The moment you take a single drag, it takes away your ability to quit. You have your alternatives for cigarettes, utilize them to fight the cravings. But don’t make a crisis or a special occasion your excuse for smoking. Otherwise, you will get back to your habits in no time.


Find alternatives to conquer the initial craving

The initial period will require maximum willpower to quit smoking. Your mind and body will keep asking for nicotine. The heart rate and blood pressure will increase as much as you try to stop those cravings.

To help your body conquer the initial cravings, you can find alternatives for smoking such as e-cigarette which gives you almost the same feel of smoking and helps to kick the smoking habit. Choose your Nicotine E-liquid wisely and gradually reduce your craving for cigarettes.


Become your own quitting coach

Quitting this habit requires coaching. Though your loved ones help you stay focused, only you can effectively coach your mind during those sleepless nights, withdrawal headaches and intense cravings. Divide your mind from your body’s condition. Whenever your body asks for a smoke, coach it by reminding about the problems and the solutions of smoking.

If you can coach yourself with determination for just 2 weeks, the rest of the journey will become easier to conquer.


Start working out

All those cigarettes have caused real damage to your health. Your lungs have lost their maximum performance capacity due to the carbon particles. Now would be a great time to invest your mind and body in exercising and take back your fitness. You can replace your urge for smoking with the determination of getting your fittest version.

Start with simple exercises such as jogging, running, yoga and others. Then, you can move to extreme levels gradually and improve the health condition of your external and internal body. Your heart and lungs will start getting better. Plus, you will see a stronger body shape outside.


Control your weight

You don’t want to come out of one pit and fall into another. Many people stop smoking and start eating too much, which leads to heart problems, cancer, and other risks. You have to be smart about your health. Balance your bodyweight with a healthy, nutritional diet and drink more water. Avoid too many snacks and shred those extra calories with exercise.

Getting over smoking is hard, no one trying to fool you in that department. But you should remind yourself about the risks associated with smoking. Plus, it offers no nutritional value to your body. So, why would keep having something which has nothing good to offer?

Quit smoking and quit it for your whole life. One or two years of not smoking mean nothing. You need to stay away from those cigarettes forever. Make yourself determined and begin with the offered tips in this article.

Hope you find the best version of yourself with these actionable tips.

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