Avoid warehouse woes: 4 mistakes that could send productivity plummeting

Productivity is the key component of warehouse functioning. Theoretically, a warehouse is stocked appropriately with the number of items needed by customers so there is no delay in processing their orders. Many factors affect warehouse effectiveness.

If you are stumped trying to figure out why your warehouse is plummeting toward failure, here are a few ideas to consider. If you hear complaints about these problems, choose the wise course and address them before they take you and your warehouse down.


Shipping the Wrong Orders

Most customers overlook an occasional shipping error. If you send the wrong product, do everything you can to make things right with your customer. The clever manager will ship the correct merchandise to the customer using the fastest method available at no cost to them.

If the incorrect order is something they often need, you build a lot of goodwill by allowing them to keep it instead of going through the hassle of returning the product to your warehouse. Use care and accept full responsibility for the wrong shipment. Do not try to assign blame to your customer.


Routinely Running Short of Essential Inventory

Remember, your warehouse gained the confidence of your loyal customers by assuring them you could provide the inventory they need better than your competitor. If your customer starts encountering messages that the item they need is on backorder, they will quietly migrate elsewhere.


Not Processing Orders Timely

A critical component to running an effective warehouse operation is filling orders accurately and quickly getting them to the intended customer. Impress the importance of filling orders timely to each of your employees. Each one needs to know they play an essential role in running and efficient operation.

Reward your workers frequently when orders are processed swiftly and efficiently. Make sure your equipment can handle the loads without breaking down. Better to have an over-performing system than one that cannot handle the job.


Shoddy Product Packaging

Take a hard look at the final steps of preparing the package for shipment. Falling into the trap of using inferior pallet and package wrapping is easy to do. After all, using a lower-quality wrap and package results in substantial savings in warehouse costs.

However, look at the overall picture. Even one pallet destroyed using inferior wrapping can jeopardize the working relationship with a valued customer. The prudent warehouse manager follows the example set by Fox Packaging Services and uses only the best wrappings and packing materials available.

Using oversight and diligence ensures the proper inventory is available. Customers should find the order process easy and transparent. Process their order timely and make certain their product is well-packed to survive any journey unscathed.

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