Avoid burnouts by evaluating new opportunities

Burnout is a form or state of exhaustion that a person undergoes because of a very stressful lifestyle, that puts a person under a lot of pressure. Burnouts occur when a person feels empty and unable to cope with his/her life.


The symptoms of burnouts include:

  1. a) The constant feeling of being overworked or under-challenged.
  2. b) Loss of interest and motivation in the job or role that was previously a source of identity and meaning.
  3. c) Difficulty in looking at situations in a positive way resorting to a pessimistic view.
  4. d) Increase in absenteeism at work because of the absence of coping abilities.

As a result, burnouts have a negative impact on a person’s personal life and work life. It reduces or zaps a person’s energy that in turn leaves a person helpless, unhelpful, cynical and resentful. The instances that inspire passion or enthusiasm get stripped away when a person is burned out.

If you are working in a highly competitive and active job, you need to make sure you can avoid burnouts. When you find yourself feeling negative or low, you need to evaluate new opportunities and help elevate and de-stress.


Customer service agents find it exhausting to deal with customers every day. They deal with customer’s problems on a daily basis.

Companies that focus on customer services should implement tools to promote self-care service to the employees and also create a stress-free environment.

Companies and individuals need to promote self-care services and avoid burnouts to ensure happiness and efficiency in the workplace.


Ways to avoid burnout:

  1.  Encourage a healthy lifestyle in the workplace by creating an interactive environment for employees to work at ease.
  2. Building an environment with the right kind of lighting and colours can help stimulate employees to work better.
  3. Solutions that could amplify or accelerate employee workflow can decrease the risk of tiredness or burnouts.
  4. Companies can reduce burnouts effectively through self-service portals.

– Happyfox is a knowledge base SaaS that can help allocate workload in an even manner.  The knowledge base for Happfox is based on employees skills, availability or experience.

– Kayako is another self-service portal that reduces the workload burden by creating or allowing users to discuss solutions in community forums for a specified product or service, through beginner tutorials and video-based tutorials.

  1. Companies should offer incentives and benefits to employees based on their abilities and performances, which will increase their motivation. Creating a feedback-friendly environment will amplify career progression.
  2. Self-service portals such as “Mensura” prevent employee burnouts, by providing a solid support base.


Nowadays, we can go online and look for solutions to help ourselves, if we feel like we are slowly burning out. The internet has made it accessible for us to go onto self-service portal and evaluate our current mental health as well as provide us with a plethora of solutions, through self-help tutorials, videos, guides and community forums. It is important to identify symptoms and work on any issues concerning us.


There are various steps or ways that can help us as individuals avoid a burnout:

  1. Actively participate in your life. Do not forget to look after your needs first. Make sure you have a healthy work-life balance.
  2. Lead a healthy lifestyle by including healthy food, regular exercise that increases your endorphin levels and keeps you active.
  3. People often neglect their personal lives by adding more work to their workload, because of their inability to reject or say no at the right time.
  4. Getting some time off of technology and bright screens on your days off can rejuvenate and keep you earthed.
  5. Checking yourself daily to see if you are receiving as much as you are giving at work or in a relationship will also aide your mental health.
  6. Being able to ask for help when you need it, is an important step you have to be willing to take to make sure you can avoid a burnout.


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