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Automation in helpdesk software

Helpdesk software solutions are near indispensable in business setups and with these specialised applications, businesses are able to offer top notch service to their customers. However, like most IT service-related solutions, helpdesk software also evolve with time. New generation help desk tools feature advanced features that were not present in their predecessors! Most SMBs still rely on IT service desk tools that do not have enough and required automation features. When there is an abundance of human intervention in running and managing software, the scope of mistakes and complications can exist. That is why the popularity of help desk software with automation is going up worldwide.


Understanding limitations of help desk applications sans automation

If your company already has a helpdesk tool in place, you may not feel sure about switching to another with automation inbuilt. However, on the finer analysis you can realize why making the move makes sense. With a helpdesk tool without adequate automation features embedded, your business faces the risk of losing productive work hours, and expenses may also go up unexpectedly. The added hassles include inadequate sync and collaboration between teams, relatively poor handling of tickets and custom grievances and conflicts. This may eventually prevent the company from making the customers happy and retention of customers will be problematic too.


Top benefits of automation in help desk tools

The advantages of investing in a helpdesk application with enough automation features are numerous. Once you analyze and understand the benefits of such IT helpdesk tools, you will not wait much for making the switchover from the existing tool as well!

  • Speeds up ticket handling and response- Nowadays, everyone is jostling for time- irrespective of their age and profession! The same is true about the customers of your brand too. When the customers raise tickets for query resolution or addressing grievances- the last thing they expect is the delayed response. Using automation enabled help desk tool makes responding to diverse types of customer grievances faster. Modern service desk software come with automated ticket handling features which can be further customized to suit specific business requirements. When the agents do not have to deal with extensive ticket handling and the software tackles most of the steps- the speed gets a boost.  The help desk tools also have features to automatically assign tickets to specific agents- based on situation and agent skill. These tools also can be set to convert posts from social media sites and emails into tickets.
  • Alerts and notifications eliminate conflicts largely- Sometimes, the agents may run into issues when trying to resolve certain tickets. The complexity of the case may be the reason or sometimes, transferring the case from one agent to another may lead to hassles and delay. Whatever the reason is behind such ticket resolution delay, using automation enabled helpdesk application may be helpful. Such specialized solutions have event-driven notification and alert features. If a ticket is getting stuck for long, the software itself can issue a notification to the management. Some such software also has alert mechanisms that get triggered when two agents pick up the same ticket- even by mistake.
  • Better customer handling round the clock- Your support team may have the most capable and professional support agents. However, they are human and occasionally they may become subject to factors that may hamper performance! Falling ill or getting stressed out is possible for the agents. However, automation equipped helpdesk tool does not get affected by such factors at all. Such tools can be used to engage chatbots for tackling live chat support when the agents are not present. Such software can also be used to revert to emails dealing with commonplace issues. So, these tools can be used to handle customers regardless of the availability of the agents.
  • Reduced work pressure on the agents- The major advantage of using automation enabled help desk solution is a reduction of work pressure on the support agents. Customer support is taxing and measures to reduce the workload on the agents are always appreciable. When the helpdesk software is configured to perform various repetitive tasks sans human intervention, the agents can breathe easy. They can focus on complex customer cases rather than answering calls and emailing the entire day! They can also perform better when the overall workload is reduced.
  • Better ticket handling and fast service leads to better customer experience- When the helpdesk tool is equipped with enough automation features to handle tickets and resolve customer issues, it paves way for enhanced customer experience. The customers get resolutions to their grievances as well as queries quicker and this makes them happy. They feel good about the company and its service quality. When this happens, it becomes easier to retain existing customers and they do not want to flock to other companies easily. The brand image also gets enhanced in the long run.
  • Cost reduction in multiple ways- Using automation enabled IT to help desk solutions helps the businesses to alleviate overall operational cost to an extent. The software solution performs scheduled tasks in time, and it can be set to minimize conflicts and hassles that delay operations. So, the costs related to operational workflow hassles get minimized effectively. Besides, the automation features help businesses deploying the tool achieve expected output by recruiting fewer support agents and that also cut down costs. Usage of such software also ensures the company can offer customer support through multiple channels without investing in plenty of hardware peripherals. This also helps in saving costs.
  • Adding options to obtain customer feedbacks-Unless you can understand the exact requirements of your customers, it would be difficult to offer them quality support and service! Using a suitable automation enabled helpdesk application helps your company to understand customer needs better. Such software can be configured to offer multiple ways to let the customers submit their feedbacks about service. The feedback or surveys can be attached to the live chat, knowledge base and even emails. This ensures you can get customer feedbacks and opinions regarding products and services of the company- without requiring knocking each customer individually! These feedbacks help you deploy required changes to enhance customer experience.
  • Updating the customers automatically- The customers expect prompt and good resolution of grievances-when they raise tickets, regardless of which channels they choose. The automation laden helpdesk tools can be set up to send updates to the customers when their tickets are being handled and resolved by the company and its agents. When they receive updates about the progress step by step- they feel happy and reassured. This helps in enhancing the level of satisfaction in the customers. Such customers are less likely to contact the support agents repeatedly about their tickets and its status as they are updated.


Choosing the right helpdesk application with automation

Given the fact the number of helpdesk solutions with inbuilt automation is on the rise, you need to be careful when investing in such solutions. You need to know the right ways to assess the software applications too. There are applications like helpscout too. It would be good if you try out few such software applications to determine the suitability for your company. Reading the web reviews can be helpful for sure and you should resolve queries about pricing and support provided by the vendor before making the purchase.

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