How to Attract (and Keep) Millennial Consumers?

The generation of Millennials (people born after 1980) is becoming a strong spending force, outgrowing the Baby Boomers, which is why marketers are trying to target them. However, this generation of people brings a completely new set of expectations to the market, but many marketers are failing to connect with them on a deeper level.

Millennials become familiar with the digital world since infancy and are defined by it. They have always been present on the Internet and have different expectations than the ones that dominated the consumer world a decade ago. With 74.4 million Millennials in the U.S. only, they are the largest living generation, so it’s logical that companies want to target them. In order to understand them and effectively market to them, companies must meet their evolving needs.

1. Transparency

You can attract Millennial customers by being transparent, sharing the inside information about your company’s goals and current projects, and inviting them to provide feedback about your offerings. They love transparent organizations, so share high-quality photos and videos of your employees, clients, and products on social media. This will help them relate to your company.

2. Be authentic

According to HubSpot, 74% of online consumers get frustrated with online content that has nothing to do with their personal interests. Give your best to reach out to them in a personalized manner tailoring your promotional messages and content according to their traits. This will lead to better understanding of what your brand is all about. Millennials are looking for an authentic voice, which increases brand awareness and their loyalty to your company.

3. Be fast and efficient

Short attention span is one of the defining traits of Millennials, and it’s apparent in the communication tools they use – Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and text messages. These encourage visual and concise communication, as Millennials put great value on convenience. The Generation Y people are exceptional multi-taskers with their customer expectations and internal time clocks being shaped by the instant gratification of their online experience. This puts speed and efficiency at the forefront of Millennial customer experience – be fast when it comes to responding, shipping products, and offering choices of products to them.

4. Be a good storyteller

Millennials value feeling connected, being presented with options and being acknowledged as individuals. They care about whether content speaks to them, which makes storytelling over direct ads more effective. With prospective consumers who are engaged by stories of those like them who go through journeys relevant to their lives, an organization’s best asset is a story of a Millennial who’s been an employee or a customer. What’s it like to actually use the product or service? What’s it like to work in the company in accordance with their mission? Millennials want to see all of that.

5. Get their feedback on your marketing strategy

Millennials aren’t interested in material things as they are in experiences. Also, they are not interested in companies’ traditional marketing methods, because they want to be both educated and entertained at the same time. So, get out there and connect with your target generation personally through surveys with incentives and focus groups. For Millennials it’s very common to get paid to take surveys online, give opinions on brands, while providing them with invaluable data on what they value and appreciate the most. Use the information to properly re-align your marketing strategies to suit your target generation of customers better.

6. Speak the “Millennial” language

The Millennial generation uses different methods of communication, which are pretty much informal. They speak in Facebook posts, tweets, texts, and want to converse in their own language. This means you’ll have to speak it as well and do it authentically. Millennials spend a lot of time on social media (some spend more of it there than in real life), and every social media platform has a language of its own, so hire full-time employees for social media networking, and start putting out stories, entertain, and educate while staying “sweet, short, and to the point.”

As Millennials are becoming the largest and the most powerful generations that controls billions of dollars of spending per year, you better be ready. Understand the language they speak, and audit your marketing platforms and promotions to make sure that your messages match their wants and needs.


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