Attention-Getter: How to Successfully Market Your Company

Marketing is a critical component of owning a business. Without it, you have no customers and that means you have no business. Figuring out how best to market your company can be a problem. Here are a few ways you can handle marketing that will draw in customers, yet aren’t repetitive.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the top marketing strategies used today. You can post photos and information about your products, share articles and stories you find online that are relevant to your brand and services, and directly engage through comments or private messages with clients or potential customers. Social media might be one of the most versatile methods of marketing because you can do so much with it that doesn’t even look like marketing.

Use Quality Signage

If they can’t find your physical location, customers will move on to the next business that offers what you have but is easier to find. But signage from a company like Perth Signcraft & Graphics goes beyond just a business name and logo. You can use signage in a variety of ways, with banners announcing a new location or A-frame signs detailing an offer to bring in street traffic. If you’re just starting out, you can design your sign to match the colors and logo you have in mind or vice versa.

Use a Blog

A blog can be a very effective marketing tool. Web copy on your site often needs to be relatively timeless. A blog allows you to share things that might only be relevant for a brief time, such as sales or the announcement of a discontinued or new product. It also allows you to showcase your expertise and knowledge, without having to create a multitude of pages on your site. Go beyond your own blog, too. Guest blog on other blogs, go to the question and answer sites and answer questions that you’re knowledgeable about. This cements you as an expert in your field and draws in more customers.

Use Free Classes/Workshops to Your Advantage

Offer some free classes or workshops related to your products. Make sure these classes or workshops offer valuable information, and you’ll persuade those who attend to stick around and buy from you. It might feel a little counterintuitive, depending on what you offer, but by giving away something informative and engaging, you show potential customers that you’re about more than just making a sale.

Marketing is no longer about an ad in the yellow pages or newspaper. You have to think outside the box and use new strategies that might feel like they’re not marketing at all. The end result is well worth it.

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