Are These 4 Obstacles Hindering Your Business’s Productivity?

Your business may be suffering from a lack of productivity for a variety of reasons. The afternoon slump may just be a symptom of a wider scale problem. Here are some of the obstacles that may be hindering your business’s productivity and solutions to fix them.


Ineffective Communication

Communication is the biggest factor that can make or break your business. You want things to run smoothly, and this means that your employees need to work together. It may seem normal to have employees from other departments avoid one another. You need to fix this now if you want your business to be successful. Encourage open communication that has ground rules. You may want to look into team building exercises. Having a common ground outside of the workplace could foster positive relationships to develop.


Lack of Oversight

Leadership is something that you may be lacking in the workplace. Your employees need to feel as though they have a strong manager or supervisor. Develop the people who are in this role. Mentorship and continued learning seminars may be the way to motivate these employees to step up to the plate. Another person in your company may be a better fit for the role. You don’t necessarily need someone that will micromanage all aspects of projects, but a little bit of guidance will go a long way.


Contagious Illnesses

Only approximately 80% of employees clean their workspace. This can lead to germs like the cold and flu having a free for all in your business. More employees may contract the illness and have to miss work. Stop this cycle by investing in a cleaning service from a company like Majik Cleaning Services or another company in your area. This will allow your office space to be as clean as possible. Whether you live in California or NYC, upholstery cleaning is another thing to be considered as seating areas can be prime areas for germs to collect.


Confusing or Outdated Policies

Many small businesses don’t take the time to setup policies when they first start. You may be in a similar position. Another problem could be that your policies are no longer relevant to the technology that’s available. Fix this problem by taking a look at your policies and procedures. Update them as needed so that your employees have a clear idea of what is expected of them in the workplace. Create a clear set of guidelines around tardiness and other aspects that might be impacting your business.

Every business has a slightly different obstacle that may be holding you back. Examine the big picture objectively so that you can take the correct action.

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