5 top apps

Apps I rely on to keep it all together

The juggle is real, my friends.

From the moment I open my eyes in the morning, it’s game on.

As a solo mama running a new business, mornings are spent trying to get two boys with ADHD and Asperger’s dressed and ready for school, get myself ready, herd everyone into the car without losing a school bag or a shoe (or sometimes pants – it’s happened); drop them at school, come back home, do a quick tidy up, make my third coffee of the morning, then finally sit down to work.

By that time, I almost need a nap.
And it’s only 8:30am.


We all juggle aspects of our life.

Sometimes things stay afloat and other times, well, we can drop the ball. We’re only human.

I’ve always been quite the list maker and now, thanks to an awful lot of clever and creative people, there’s a few apps saving my bacon.  Anything to make it easier, right?

Here are my 5 top apps (other than standard email, calendar, Facebook and Instagram) that are my go to for keeping things moving.

  1. Google Keep

I always manage to think of an idea, someone I need to contact, a meeting I should set up or something I need to do, when I’m out an about. I never remember to carry a notebook and can never find a pen when I need one so having Google Keep on my phone is awesome.

You can add quick notes, reminders, voice notes, photos and create lists. You can also set reminders, send your notes and lists to others and invite collaborators too. I love this one!

  1. Buddhify

Meditation and being present can be difficult. I’m always looking to the future, what needs to be done, what needs to be organised, what needs to be booked or paid or cleaned or sorted. Buddhify has a range of quick, guided meditations that allow you to just stop for a moment. Choose the scenario during which you’d most like to take a time out such as a work break, waking up (great way to start the day), when you can’t sleep, stressful situations and more. It’s like your own little guru and what’s more, there’s none of those pesky in-app purchases.

  1. Snapseed

If you take loads of photos for your social media accounts and you’re not a photographer, sometimes it’s nice to give your pics a little tweak, like adjusting the tones, shadows, and contrast; cropping, adding a blur or vignette and and even text. Furthermore, Snapseed has a great bunch of filters. I’ve been using Snapseed for a long time now and it never fails me.

  1. Stocard

When you’re at a checkout or store counter and they’re asking for your membership or rewards card, your kids are trying to pry open a Kinder Surprise, you’re in a hurry and all you seem to find in your bag is 4 crayons, a matchbox car and a half eaten Apple, Stocard is a winner.

Save all your cards to the app so all you need is your phone, therefore, no more carting around a bajillion random cards, all clogging up your purse!

  1. Podcasts

Have a drive ahead of you? Need some inspiration or a good laugh? Listen to Podcasts. There are literally thousands you can download, for free, and listen to whenever you want. Sometimes it’s nice to switch off for a while and listen to a great story or interview. FYI. I’m loving Australian True Crime, Armchair Expert, How I Built This, Lady Startup, Robin Sharma – Mastery Sessions and Online Marketing Made Easy. An eclectic mix 😉

In addition to my faves, here are some other apps I can’t live without:

Enhance: resize any photo, correctly, for various social media platforms and add watermarks, filters, artwork and text.

Shazam: because there’s nothing more annoying than hearing a song you love and not knowing what it is.

Colouring Book: the one thing guaranteed to stop the mind chatter for a little while. I’m not kidding! Try it.

ATO: booorrrinnnggg but useful for business bits with tax and super information and handy articles for small businesses.

Unroll Me: I seem to be signed up to every single email newsletter known to mankind. Unroll Me sorts through it all for you so you can keep, unsubscribe or roll up your newsletters. Rolling up means the email newsletters you want are still sent, however, they’re sent in one group email (instead of 786 emails!).

Happy juggling x

Owner, Blue Water Creative

* I have an IPhone. Each of these Apps (excluding Podcasts and Enhance) are available on Android.

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