An Entrepreneurs Essential: The Smart Watch

Cast your mind back to the latter part of
the 20th century: what mobile phone did you carry back then, and
what was it capable of? It’s OK if you can’t remember the make and model, it
was a long time ago, but we’re willing to bet it could receive and send emails
and messages, it might have had internet connectivity, and not much else.

The thing is this: we are all so used to
carrying an all-singing, all-dancing smartphone in our pockets – one that is
equally as capable as our laptop – that we forget how recent an invention the
smartphone is!

In fact, here’s a trivia question for you: when was the first Apple iPhone put on sale? The answer is 2007! That’s right, the iPhone – which defined the smartphone genre – is not much more than 10 years old. The amazingly rapid development of this technology led inevitably to the appearance of the smartwatch. This was just a few years ago too, and while the first models were hailed with a frenzy of publicity – claims that they were going to be ‘the next big thing’ – they didn’t really take off.

Why not is hard to get to the bottom of;
perhaps people were simply happy with their hand-held device, and didn’t see
the need to splash out on a watch version. Yet, those that did take to them –
and that have tried the very latest versions – are full of praise for these
clever devices. So, has the smart watches time finally arrived?

Is 2018 the year when they become ubiquitous?
Perhaps not quite yet, but we do think that for the entrepreneur who is making
a way in business, a smartwatch is an essential purchase, and here are a few
reasons why.

and Instant

Let’s say you’re having a busy day, and you
know that there will be many notifications – email, SMS, possibly other
messenger services – coming to your hand-held device today. You also know that
while some of them will require an immediate response or your attention, others
you will want to file away for dealing with later.

With a smartphone, you have to find it,
open it up, check the message, and then do what you want to do. OK, so we’re
talking perhaps a few seconds to access each one, including retrieving your
phone, and that’s not much. But it all adds up if you get a lot of
notifications every day. If, however, you could simply look at a watch on your
list and know whether that message needed urgent attention, you’re saving
yourself a lot of time. That’s reason one you need a smartwatch.

Your Way

You’re on the way to an important meeting,
and it’s somewhere you have never been before in a city that you don’t know.
Naturally, you use one of the very effective navigation apps, and you do it on
your smartphone. It’s a bit inconvenient, however, in a crowded street or on a
busy bus or train to keep looking at your phone. That’s reason two you need an affordable
– you can navigate by using the device on your wrist,
with both hands free and an open eye on where you’re going!

and Play

We think the above two examples give you a
good idea of the convenience of the smart watch, and also of how it can save
you time, but there is much more to it than that. The smart watch brings to the
wrist – which we have already highlighted is easier to access than your phone –
all of the apps, business tools and more that you have on your phone.

For example, it can be set to give you an
alarm warning when you are required at an appointment, and may be able to
handle your calendar for you. It can be used to email people or SMS them
without the need to find your phone. And it can do much, much more, which is
what makes it a great tool for the entrepreneur.

There are also two other benefits of
wearing a smart watch: it can be used as a watch – that’s right, it tells the
time – and it looks pretty cool, too! So, why not check out the best smart
watches on the market right now, and there are more than ever with new players
coming into the market all the time, and see which one has the features that
will make life a lot easier for you.

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