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It’s still 2018, and fashion is all about making a personal statement and feeling good in your skin while doing so. Even if you are the type of person to shy away from new trends out of fear that they might be too bold, too eccentric, or too chic for you, prepare your wardrobe to welcome this season’s fashion trends with open arms. The IT fashion styles of the season are remarkably comfortable, yet eye-catching and very flattering.  



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The latest buzzword in fashion is a made-up and catchy term that is both ridiculously nonsensical and perfectly descriptive. The athleisure movement shows no desire to step back or slow down this season. Is this obsession by designers and retailers over clothes that belong to the broad category of fitting in perfectly for both athletic and leisurely pursuits due to the recent uptake in gym and healthy lifestyles or is it an appropriate response to the 21st century’s liberal clothing movement? Gigi Hadid epitomized the athleisure look, replacing a historical off-duty model uniform of skinny jeans and a leather biker jacket. Even if you’re not the kind of girl to wear legging around the city, remember that athleisure can be glamleisure as well – ski-style track pants with a matching cropped hoodie with sleeves extending past your fingertips and a fashionable pair of combat boots will make you look like you’re ready for cocktails instead of the treadmill. And if you are the kind of a girl who feels the best in her sweats anywhere, not only is it possible to wear them 24/7—it is, for the moment, even preferred. Hurry and get your upscale sweats and stylish Adidas shoes for a sporty outfit that can be as chic as everything else in your closet.


Sweet Street Style


Tight, ultrashort mini-dresses with softly rounded sleeves, tiny bows, bright colors shorts with lace-up bodices, and naïve prints such as tiny rosebuds, cherries, watermelons, or pineapples. Women love nothing so much as looking and feeling younger. Therefore, the sweet naïve outfits are often accompanied with other childlike and playful accessories: bobby socks, colorful hair clips, heart-shaped sunglasses, and glittery purses. This fashion trend does challenge many conventions and provokes deeper questions about the social responsibility of intertwining kindergarten clothes and the concept of sexy. However, opting for an outfit compiled of your boyfriend’s polo shirt, rainbow socks, and skater skirt and making it look hot is definitely a bold fashion move and should be respected. This trend has been going strong for a while and will probably peak this season. So, make sure to incorporate some fruit prints in your closet and invest in a couple of pairs of cute socks to pair with your comfy Arizona Birkenstock for a sexy young look this season!


‘80s Western

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Retro looks can by their very nature never be outdated. Combine the exaggerated and off shoulders, kitten heels, and statement earrings that made a big return to the ’80s only a few seasons ago with some Western accessories of this season — think snakeskin booties, cowboy prints, and fringe — and you’ve got a killer outfit as a result of two very different, yet appealing vibes coming together. What’s more, a modern revival of old western takes on a whole new perspective, according to many world-famous designers. Sartorial icons such as Calvin Klein or Louis Vuitton rely heavily on tight pants, bolo ties, and shiny boots in achieving a downright glamorous style. Hayride parties and rodeo events are no longer the only occasions you can pull of giant buckles, leather fringes, and cowboy boots – you might want to stock up on some good-old cowboy hats to spice up your outfits this season.


‘90s Denim

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Can the ‘90s be considered as retro already? Regardless, ‘90s fashions are back and in full swing! Novelty T-shirts and transparent handbags with a black choker and timeless Chucks have become a sort of modernized version of ‘90s styles. Just take the cropped jeans (straight-leg Levi’s, ankle-length flares, denim culottes, etc.) we will certainly never stop wearing because they’re extremely flattering and go with virtually any type of shoe – sneaker, ballet flat, sandals, platforms. Needless to say, vintage-inspired mom jeans are literally everywhere, and they’ll almost certainly never really go out of style thanks to their high-rise, non-stretch perfect fit for anyone. However, a new season craves something a bit different: typically ‘90s full-length jeans in straight or gently flared silhouettes. They are a little groovy, but also a little glamorous, covering your ankles or even requiring a heel. In combination with anything, they will give a slightly more elegant and chic look than your distressed stovepipes.

We live in the age of Instagram, dynamic changes in fashions, and unbelievably fast style switches. Even yesterday’s viral phenomenon becomes ‘’old news’’ within weeks, and the brand-new arrivals we see on the Instagram feeds of the influencers are the items we’ll be seeing passersby wear in real life tomorrow. There is obviously nothing more necessary than following fashion TV channels or subscribing to haute couture magazines in order to keep up with the latest and hottest fashion movements. IT styles are now easily accessible so refresh your wardrobe or make use of some old items for a glamorously casual look this season!

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