Red Fascinators

Adorning A Piece of History – The Red Fascinators

In a red-carpet event or a royal wedding, the adorned heads of our role models and celebrities give us definite fashion statements. The fascinating array of colours designs and patterns which headgears have sported over the past years has taken the general public by a storm.

When we think, that’s the quirkiest it can go one of the royalties would give us another benchmark of fascinator design. Every fashion trend which we follow dates back to a role model or a generation which brought it in vogue. French fashion led to a surge in the use of headgears attached with a clip or a band known as a fascinator for women as early as the 1500 and soon British followed the suit.



It goes without saying that no colour exudes more power and strength than red. It is a colour said to be associated with life, energy and blood, Red is the essence of existence. When we talk about dressing and accessorizing red gives an extraordinary appeal to the entire look.

A red fascinator or a red dress can symbolize leadership, willpower and determination. This explains why the royal ladies prefer this colour in their dressing.


Every choice of clothing or accessory has a specific purpose. But it is not wrong to say that nowadays what people wear is a way to reflect on how they feel and what their social status is.

  • Accessorizing is actually now a manner of expressing someone’s personality. A red fascinator, for instance, has been worn on many occasions to project strong support to a cause or an event.
  • A red fascinator is worn with a tilt towards the right so that the courting men who generally stand towards the lady’s left can strike an obstruction free conversation.
  • Visiting a royal wedding without a fascinator can be treated as a breach of the royal dress code and is considered very rude.
  • Headgears are just a pretty piece and they hardly give any coverage to the head thus not serving much of a purpose.


Now the question arises why the red fascinator found a place in the wardrobes of the role model generation. Did they want to just flaunt their distinctiveness from the masses with this unspoken crown on their heads? Or it was just another piece to spend some more money on?

  • Red fascinators reflect the personality. It speaks out loud whether you have a conservative or an outrageous fashion choice.
  • A very interesting purpose which the fascinator serves is to create a delusion of height. Since height is considered a very important beauty standard in most of the societies, these head adorning pieces are doing a great deal of good for people with height issues.
  • They are also a showcase to the creative abilities and fashion sense of a person. To what levels a person matches his/her outfit to the headgear shows his/her perfection towards personnel presentation.
  • Apart from the historic significance of the fascinators the main purpose which it serves is to make the person wearing it look glamorous.



So, while the church required the Christian women in the early centuries to cover their heads as a mark of religious respect, this headgear has changed its shape and form to make it the most statement hair adorning pieces of all time.

People across the globe today spend lots of money to get the colour, pattern, and styling of the fascinator right. Each one of these is more bizarre, yet alluring than the other, marking every individual’s style and passion for fashion in a very personal and unique manner.

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