Activated Charcoal for Skin Lightening

What is Activated Charcoal?

Charcoal contains a very high amount of cleansing property and is best known for its dust attracting property.

In today’s polluted environment, our face easily catches the various types of pollutants which are not easily removed by the face products with ordinary ingredients. The best option in this scenario is that one should try the facial products, which comprises the properties of charcoal.

For this, the most advisable thing to do is, to swap the simple charcoal with the activated charcoal. The activated charcoal has the upper hand over the simple charcoal in every aspect. It is prepared by adding some extra ingredients like a shell, coke of petroleum, bone of char, etc. After adding these ingredients, a mixture is raised to a certain temperature to prepare activated charcoal.


Benefits of Activated Charcoal for our face

One of the most useful benefits of using face products with activated charcoals is, there is no risk or chance of any reaction which can occur on the face. It is seen that many ordinary face products can cause harm to your skin, causing a high chance of allergies, and reaction to your face. But, activated charcoal is free of any harmful products that can damage your skin. The face is the most important part to enhance our look, but, it is also the most exposed part of the body to the polluted world. It makes the use of activated charcoal face products, a must for everyone. It will be beneficial for you as the activated charcoal easily attracts the pollutants, and provide a fresh and dazzling skin to you.

Ways to use Activated Charcoal for Skin Lightening


Rejuvenating Skin

Activated charcoal can help you to rejuvenate your skin and makes it more fresh, bright and clear.

This can be done by using the charcoal face mask. You can take the prepared mixture of the charcoal face mask from any reputed company or can prepare it by yourself.  To prepare a homemade an activated charcoal mask, add a scoop of charcoal powder, and mix it with some oil like coconut, almond, etc. now add some water, and your charcoal face mask is ready to use. Before applying it, first, rinse your face with cold water for better after effects. Then apply the paste on your face, avoiding sensitive areas like eyes, mouth, nose, etc.  Just wait for it to dry and peel it off.


Removes acne

Acne is the most stubborn skin problem, especially for people with oily skin. The volume of pollutants that are present around them is much higher as compared to another part of the face. Activated charcoal works wonder for them, as charcoal attract dust. You can use a charcoal face wash twice a day and use a charcoal face mask once a week. By practising this habit daily, you will experience the bigger and better results.


Removes Blackheads

Activated charcoal can also help an individual to remove those nasty blackheads. This can be done by using the activated charcoal face mask, or by using a charcoal scrub once a week. Scrubbing your face with activated charcoal doesn’t only exfoliate your skin but also minimizes the blackheads.


Lightening Dark Underarms

Many people develop dark underarms due to the various sets of reasons like using razors or any other equipment to remove hairs. But can eliminate these dark patches by applying a paste of honey and charcoal powder in the ratio of 1:3. Apply this paste on your underarm and make it dry for 20 minutes. You will see significant after-effects after rinsing it off with cold water.



Dull skin can be a big turn off for anyone. But, no worries!! The magical activated charcoal will act as a saviour, once you start using it. Its high cleansing property flows into the pores and blasts away all the dust particles, making you look dewy all day.

Adopt a habit of reading the ingredients before purchasing any skin care items, and choose wisely. Make sure that your skincare products have activated charcoal as their main ingredient, to fight all these skin problems.

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