“The Soar Collective was the first networking event I have been to, that actually got the purpose behind networking right. Not only did you get to mingle with a bunch of amazingly talented women, there was also a strong purpose behind it. That was the drive and desire to want to do better in 2015 and beyond” — Julia Taine, Woman.com.au

“It is so inspiring to hear about other entrepreneurs journeys, how they cope and deal with daily problems, the encouragement and support we receive from others and the amount of energy that is created. Thank you Jess and I look forward to 21 May and networking again with the ladies I met at the last meeting”. Christine Loveday

“I’ve had the opportunity to meet wonderful women – not just entrepreneurs & amazing business owners, but genuine, locket people too. I’ve also felt supported, educated & inspired by the people & resources I’ve come across.”  Julia Matheson

“I’ve met some fabulous, inspiring women and felt so supported on what can be a sometimes isolating journey of growing a business. Thank you Jess and the Soar community!” Suburban Sandcastles

“I’m being surrounded by other female entrepreneurs who are supportive, caring and build each other up – this makes me remember why it is that I do what I do” – Sam Keats

“Haven’t been to many lately but feel quite privileged to have been at the first meeting and met so many great people and made so many working connections. It’s quite lovely watching Soar Collective develop and grow just like us and our businesses!” Melissa Gemmell 

“For the first time in my life I am working from home solo… I needed a group that was friendly and motivating and found Soar. I love the workshops and after dark events. After each event I always feel more motivated.. Jess keeps it very relaxed , welcoming and un-intimidating our group is full of so many women with so many different talents and skills that we all get to benefit”  Sharon Burnell

“If one of the keys to success is surrounding yourself with uplifting and inspiring people, then the community Soar Collective has built is invaluable!”  Ani Kumaralingam

“For me the biggest thing has been genuine support.. Since starting Sweets for Tilly I have found out who have been the real supporters in my life. When I joined Soar I was immediately drawn to the fundamentals and values of genuinely supporting women in business. This group has introduced me to not only amazing business women but also beautiful friends who want to see you grow and succeed. I am often overwhelmed by the level of support we receive by the women in this group, it’s a truly beautiful thing” Rachel Ross

“I have met some amazing and inspiring women through Soar collective. I love the fact that our business village is so diverse and spans corporate and creatives.” Hayley Black I

“I love your events! I’ve met some wonderful people and always leave feeling inspired. You manage to set the tone each time – one of support and collaboration. I recommend Soar to all locals.” Deanne Bulstrode 

“Since the first event I attended late last year I felt a connection with the group. How has Soar benefited me? New friendships, a different perspective on business practices, a real energy and boost of confidence and that feeling you can conquer anything and knowing that you have a wonderful group of women that support each other. I am proud to be member”. Tanya Mullens 

“I’m pretty new to the Peninsula, moving down from suburban Melbourne in October 2014 but then cocooning myself (ourselves) in other projects which didn’t get us out and about much in the first 9 or so months. When I decided to join Soar Collective at the end of last year I thought it would, at the most, connect me to some likeminded business women on a professional level. What I didn’t expect was to meet so many amazingly genuine people who, after only one or two introductions, already began to feel like friends! Soar Collective is amazing and as a member I feel genuinely supported by the group, in my business but also in day-to-day life. I feel like I could say to any of the amazing ladies I’ve met at After Dark’s and Mastermind Dinner’s “Let’s catch up for coffee” and they’d openly say “Yes – sounds great!” This group is so much more than business networking – it’s like life support – whoa….no, really!!” – Kate Monk

“I have met a wonderful new group at Soar, another amazing group of people through a member of Soar. Grown my business. Been invited to exhibit. Attended members events and have laughed more than I have in ages. Happy Birthday Soar Collective” Su Jardine

“How can I express the multiple ways Soar events have benefitted me!? Soar is like no other ‘networking’ group I’ve been involved with. The interactions here are genuine and really provide help, people really listen. Becoming a member has been a truly rewarding experience. Highly recommended to all women in business” Jessica Humphreys

“I would love to attend @soarcollective events in the future to meet other likeminded women working, juggling, balancing (?) and just trying to survive! Running my own business with two kids under two, working from home as well as managing a team I am sure I would benefit greatly from hearing other women’s stories, learning their secrets for time management and keeping sane and of course sharing entrepreneurial stories, dreams, visions, etc, I could go on and on.”. suzehealy

“With my imminent move from the western ‘burbs to the beautiful Morn Pen, I can’t wait to connect with some local biz girls at your events. With mega home renos being my reality for the foreseeable future, the chance to co-work with the Flock will save my sanity!!!” varilongmuir 

“My business is at the start of its journey. Attending a Soar Collective event would open doors to like minded entrepreneurs and nothing is more motivating than the company of intelligent women. Energy begets energy!” katogreen 

“I’ve benefited from #soarcollective in many ways.
Emotionally: I finally found a group of individuals who get me, for being ME! There is nothing more sacred or special than having found people who like me for being me.
Financially: Soar Collective has allowed me to grow my business, I’ve worked with a great bunch of ladies and it’s nice to be able to add passionate female business owners to my growing list of clients.
Mentally: Being able to share my wins and struggles with a group of supportive ladies has been life changing. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who has to work late some nights.
Physically: Being able to learn the importance of fitness and taking time out – has been such an important lesson to learn”. – Julia Taine