A step-by-step stylish starter’s guide to party planning

Anyone can plan and throw a party. But a stylish soiree that has your guestlist talking for months to come? That takes a unique skill set and a lot of preparation. The event calendar can fill up so quickly, and often we have more than one event fall in a week. What will you do to make a stylish statement, and keep your event from blurring with the rest? Whether it’s celebrating a milestone or honouring your business or company, follow this step-by-step guide to planning a stylish party.


Decide on the party favours

Nothing gets people excited like party favours. This doesn’t mean your run of mill gift bags, party favours can take many forms and are more likely to be a hit if they are experience-based. Book Snappy Photobooths for your event, and have your guests amused for hours and able to take away a memento of the fun and frivolity of the night. You could also tailor your party favours to your attendees, such as manicures and massages for your female guests. These are the value adds that set your party apart from others.


Choose a fresh culinary concept

Comfort food is always a favourite, don’t get us wrong. But maybe your attendees want something a little unique and delicious. I’m sure you want just as much to be seen to be stylishly on trend, so you might need to retire your old faithful cookbook for this one. If you have a theme for your event, skew your finger food menu offering to meet this theme. You may also want to engage caters and ask their opinion and request to see images of previous work. Alternatively, you can have a regular menu but present it in a quirky way. Floating dessert buffets and self-serve catering are all the rage, and allow you to present your offering in a lavish style.


Style your event accordingly

The power of styling needs to be seen to be believed. And when your guests walk through that door, the styling will make or break your event. No pressure. If your event has a theme, this will steer the direction of your styling. If you don’t have a theme, simple choose a style concept that best highlights the venue you have chosen and the celebration you are toasting. If you don’t know where to start you can engage a stylist or seek some inspiration online. A good place to start is scattered florals, modern seating (not just what comes with the venue) and soft lighting. Before you plan your concept, decide on the venue so that your styling is complementary.


Pick a knock-out location

Choosing the best venue. Easier said than done, right? But long gone is the idea that only traditional event spaces make great venues. More and more events are happening at pop-up spaces, warehouses, gardens and marquees. Choose a venue that has effortless style and will be a welcome surprise to your attendees who have no doubt seen it all. Be mindful of things like parking, noise restrictions and hire cost and permits.


With the right planning you can execute a stylish event that will be the envy of all who did not attend. The devil is in the details, so take your time in choosing the right party favours, menu, styling and venue. All your attendees want to see is something that is a little bit unique, that they can experience while celebrating. So throw-out the plans from your last party and start fresh and stylish with a new party concept.

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