A reception desk is the face of a company

The reception means welcome; the reception area is the face of an organization. It is where employees and visitors first enter. A welcoming, warm, clean, and appealing reception area can create a positive first impression. You do not want to go to an office which has a cluttered, unkempt, and unpleasant ambiance. The reception desk can create a positive and fun front office. A modern reception desk will have a contemporary look and will add elegance to the reception area. Besides looking elegant and fun, the reception area should have a professional look. After all, it is the front area of an office, it cannot be decorated with home décor. If you stay in the UK and are looking for reception desks in UK, you will n a number of choices.


Different Types of Office Furniture

An office can have a variety of furniture depending on the business and need. Some offices may have different types of tables, desks, conference room furniture, lobby furniture, lounge furniture besides the regular office chairs, tables and desks. However, modern reception desk is a mandatory requirement to give the office a modern-day appeal.


Reception Desks

Office desks can serve different purposes and based on the purpose, they may be styled differently. A reception desk can be used to hold papers, computer, printer, phone, and other office equipment. These come in all shapes and are made of a variety of metals. The most common and professional colors for a reception desk are white, black, mocha, maple etc. Modern desk matches the office décor, color, style, and business. Being in the front area, a reception desk must give an appearance of professionalism; it must give the office a serene, organized, and a contemporary look. A reception desk can have drawers, cabinet, cable grommets, keyboard drawer. They may have a glass front which gives a modern appeal to the reception desk; the material may have the matte or glossy finish.

It is advantageous to have a modern reception desk which adds to the value of the front area of an office. It must also be ergonomically designed providing comfortable seating for the receptionist. The quality of the desk is equally important, example the hardware used must be of good quality and finish to provide a neat look to the desk

Importance of Different Pieces of Furniture

Can you imagine an office without a reception desk or a waiting area? A waiting area, which is a part of the reception must be equipped with comfortable chairs and a center table. Sometimes the reception area may have sofas instead of chairs; the idea is to provide a relaxed seating. These pieces are relevant to the lobby and serve the purpose of providing seating arrangement to visitors. A reception desk is crucial to provide the receptionist with a work area, store important documents, receive phone calls and greet the visitors. A receptionist may have different duties in her profile which are accomplished on the reception desk; therefore, depending on the area, a reception desk must be big enough to carry out all tasks. A reception desk with filing cabinets, storage space, and drawers is a high functioning and modern piece of furniture. Conference table and chairs are required in the conference room, while an executive chair is meant for someone at a senior position. The chairs in an office must be ergonomically designed to provide comfortable seating and correct posture to the staff.

Whichever piece of furniture you select, it has a specific requirement in an office. One of the most important pieces of furniture is the reception desk, which if modern in appearance, can add to the office’s contemporary look. Before buying a reception desk, think about the need, office design, colour etc. and invest in a good quality and modern reception desk

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