A New Way to Build Your List Fast

A New Way to Build Your List Fast

It would seem there is a new way to build your list of prospective customers. As anyone in business knows, without customers you don’t have a business only a hobby! Therefore building a list is crucial for success. This statement is repeated by all the “Big Boys” and those that are successful online.

So the answer to success is to build a list of buyers as fast as possible and by gentle persuasion, informative emails and great newsletters, it is important to convert hesitant onlookers into loyal customers. However first we need to find targeted people to contact.

I fist heard about this method recently when watching a seminar where a newly developed system was being introduced. It was a new way of contacting people and harnessing the power of social media. In fact it was a new way of obtaining old-fashioned word of mouth recommendations.

So this new secret method is to run a competition with a fantastic desirable prize, suited to your niche. Prize draws are everywhere are the moment, many of the TV shows offer them. As people respond and leave their emails they also click a button to recommend their friends and colleagues, (similar to Facebook likes which everyone is familiar with). This can be set up on your favourite social media platform.

All entrants can claim a small gift, maybe an eBook, but only 1 person receives the big prize. If you set this system up yourself, the prize is your only cost, no advertising costs are needed. Make a short video on YouTube to advertise your prize. However there are companies out there that will set campaigns up for you but there will be extra costs, to find some examples of such companies Google “Wishpond” and “Wizehive” However phenomenal success has been recorded.

If at the moment this is too advanced for you to contemplate, and you are a beginner online, you will find it much simpler if you work under the guidance of a coach. This made a huge difference to my sales when I started online. You need to find someone you can trust, who is honest and always gives great value. Someone who cares about your progress.

Affiliate marketing with an excellent coach is the fastest easiest way to begin online. Excellent products are provided for your customers together with your marketing training. You can begin to earn commissions whilst you are learning the techniques.

Start part-time whilst yo have an income, don’t sack your boss just yet, and enjoy building your hobby business with confidence. You can grow it to your desired income level. There are many millionaires working online and many part-timers, which will be your choice?

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