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A good topic or the right keyword: A fight between SEO and content

SEO and content are two sides of the same coin! A fight between them is like a civil war. You would not want that on your hands, would you?! So, you will have to think about the content and its optimization as a single process. Try to set them apart, and your problems will start! Many have done that; and faced a huge tsunami of troubles for their content, website/blog and business!


SEO consultants like SEO North Sydney have the knowledge and skill to provide high-quality optimized content for you! So, what do you want to do? Have a civil war, or enjoy the services of expert consultants? It’s your decision, but our advice would be to go for the expert consultation.

Now, we have another war in our hands! Topic or keyword! This debate has been on for ages. Do you concentrate on the right keywords or go-ahead for a good topic?! So, let us take a look at what the search engines have started preferring in recent times! After all, they are the ones, who will give you your ranking.


Topic or Keyword: The Epic Battle!

It has been over a decade that keywords have been given a lot of importance. The topic must be engaging, but it was not the important part of optimization! But, recently with a certain upgrade known as Hummingbird, Google has changed the whole equation.


Hummingbird Upgrade of Google: Changing the Whole Game!

Smartphones have been on the rise for nearly a decade. Now, even a teenager has a smartphone! These come equipped with something known as “voice recognition” technology. This technology has put a major impact on human interaction with search engines. Typing is becoming a hassle! Why type, when you can talk?! This is the trend that has made people speak out their queries, instead of typing them.

It has changed from “fix leaking faucet” to “How do I fix a leaking faucet?”! The changes were drastic, and the old school keyword search was becoming secondary for mobile phone users. Google quickly identified with this shift, and brought about the game-changing update known as Hummingbird Update!

In the past, Google has made many changes and affected updates, but they were mere adjustments. But, this update was not a simple adjustment; it was a complete 180o change! Now for search rankings, more than 200 factors are taken into consideration. Keyword density is no more the sole aim, you will also have to focus on quality content as well.


Winner of this Epic Battle

If one feels that, with Hummingbird Update, the playing field has changed, then they are wrong! The only thing that has changed is the sole importance of keywords. But, this does not mean that keywords have lost their importance completely!

To conclude, we can say that, in today’s time, the approach that content providers have to take is a dual approach. You will have to concentrate on the topic as well as the keywords. Basically, you will have to think about UX (User eXperience). If the user does not get quality content, then they will never come back. Remember, with time even the users have become intelligent. They know very well what they want! So, you cannot fool them with keyword stuffed content!

Once the UX is diminished, user inflow to your content is also diminished. Finally, you will be stuck in the mud, if you only concentrate on keywords! With diminished flow, your rankings can have a major setback. Do not let this setback occur. Integrate keywords in high-quality content! Relax and let the consultants do the job. They know what the update asks from the content. With their expertise, you will be able to provide high-quality content with proper keywords! So, there is no winner. You will have to employ a joint collaboration between keyword and topic!


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