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A Clean Office as a Productivity Boost

General hygiene and cleanliness is important no matter if you’re managing a devoted team of employees, running a household, or simply running daily errands and tasks. In the prevention of common illnesses and dangerous pathogens easily transferred via air and touch, daily hygiene and cleanliness play a vital role. While it is a matter of cleaning your work environment regularly, cleanliness and hygiene are also about individual habits and the way every one of your employees treats their workstation, their colleagues, as well as themselves. With that in mind, here is why and how you can boost productivity in the office by keeping it clean on a daily basis.


Why cleanliness is important for productivity

Simply put, if you want your business to thrive, you need to keep it clean. Aside from the obvious reasons why people, like working and spending time in a clean and sanitary space, keeping the office clean on a regular basis, helps boost productivity and efficiency by simply keeping your employees healthy.

During the winter months, and any time of the year in general when pathogens spread and bacteria thrive in closed off, warm and toasty places (like say, a packed co-working office), people start getting sick one by one until you have a business-wide epidemic on your hands.

Suddenly, everyone is away on sick leave and you have no way of compensating for lost time and accumulated work. This is why adhering to regular cleaning and meticulous hygiene around the office is important in preventing such costly scenarios.

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Hygiene shouldn’t be mistaken for cleanliness

There is a general misconception about hygiene and cleanliness, often putting the two in the same category. In reality, hygiene and cleanliness are two different sides of the same coin, each serving a distinct purpose in an office setting.

Hygiene is the individual set of healthy habits your employees possess that safeguard their well-being, as well as the well-being of their colleagues. If everyone around the office were to wash their hands frequently, stick to meticulous personal hygiene, and avoid coming to work when they are sick, you would have an easier time keeping your entire staff healthy.

On the other hand, cleanliness is the state of being free of dirt and germs, which are some of the main culprits in office-wide epidemics, and the main transporters of hazardous elements. It is the purpose of perpetual cleanliness to create a safe, healthy work environment for your employees.


How you can improve office cleanliness

This leads us to the next crucial point. As a manager, you have a duty to maintain office-wide cleanliness, and ensure your employees are satisfied with their working conditions.

While you can’t completely eliminate the possibility of a disease spreading around the office, you can significantly decrease that likelihood by having a professional office cleaning crew give the office a thorough scrub-down every day after work hours.

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Special attention should be paid to furniture in the office. The seating area should be free of dust and stains. You can easily do this with a duster and a couple of clean rags. Also if you have a carpet on the floor, you should be vacuuming it at least once a week. If carpets are very dusty or badly stained, you can easily find new inexpensive rugs online and replace them.

Finally, your desk or work area should be clear. Filing cabinets, wall pockets, and desk trays are your best friends when it comes to cleaning the paperwork that’s taking up your office space. Regularly use a duster and a soft rag to clean your screens, PCs, laptops, etc. Be sure to use some disinfectant when cleaning the telephones, because a lot of germs accumulate on the telephone receiver.

If your office has a kitchen, special care should be taken while cleaning it. Food should only be stored in clean recipients and cabinets. They should be cleaned daily because the health of your employees is very important.

In turn, this actions alone will eliminate most of the hygiene problems around the office, and allow your employees to enjoy a safe work environment while at the same time adopting positive habits. Speaking of positive habits, it’s time you enforce new rules that will help boost office productivity.


Essential workplace conduct

Your company depends, in every shape and form, on your team. You cannot afford to lose your team members over a debilitating nuisance such as the common cold or the flu that just won’t stop terrorizing the office. If you do nothing about individual hygiene, your business is bound to suffer, and your employee collective will start to crack as a whole.

To prevent this, the simplest thing you can do is to enforce strict rules and policies dictating proper workplace hygiene and employee conduct, aimed at preventing and stopping diseases and epidemics. To that end, have your employees adhere to regular hand washing as well as keeping their workstations clean and sanitary. Not only should your team members cover their mouths when sneezing or coughing, but it’s better if they stay home altogether if they notice any symptoms – it’s better to have one absentee than ten.


Things to keep in mind

Finally, there are certain things you can do on a daily basis that will further aid your cause and help in the prevention of office epidemics. Bacteria and various airborne pathogens thrive under certain conditions, and these are usually the conditions you would find in an unventilated, stuffy, and warm office setting.

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You can easily prevent this by airing the office frequently throughout the day, letting fresh air permeate the space and cleanse the environment. You can also introduce air purifiers or air-purifying plants that will help rid the office of pollutants such as bacteria, chemicals, dust, and more. Adopt a strict waste disposal policy as well, dictating the proper ways to dispose of waste around the office in order to further prevent germs from spreading.

Maintaining office-wide cleanliness and hygiene is imperative in building a thriving company culture and a successful business in the modern world. Be sure to keep these tips in mind and implement these effective solutions and you will have no problem boosting productivity in the office.

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