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9 Easy Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

Regardless of whether you enjoy your work, or you wish you could find a different job, there are days which are simply stressful. In order to stay productive and sane, you need to find ways of coping with the stress. There are long-term solutions for generally stressful environments, as well as quick short-term solutions for individual stressful situations. We will start off with the long-term ones, moving on to the instant fixes.

Get enough sleep

If you want to be ready and energized enough for a productive day at work, you need to sleep well. This will help you wake up eager and come to work feeling relaxed, as much as you can be. You will think clearly, and you will have a chance to organize the day properly. If you feel like a wreck in anticipation of an important meaning, being well rested will help you organize your thoughts and your words. Even if everything else is fine, a tired brain is a less productive one. This can be frustrating if you are hoping to meet deadlines.

Eat well

These two go hand in hand. The reason behind eating well is having a happy and energized body. A low carb, high protein diet rich in vitamins will fuel you with all the right nutrients. A well-functioning body and circulation will ensure that each part of it gets exactly what it needs to function the best way possible.

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Exercise/take yoga classes

Physical activity is good for your muscle tome, your body will have the support of the posture it needs. You will not be in pain from hours spent on a chair. Yoga will help you learn to breathe, relax and focus. If you do these in a group, you will benefit from the social stimuli and a chance to step away from your routine. Each of the activities helps your body produce endorphin which acts as a painkiller, improves sleep and reduces stress.


Now that you have your body set up, it is time to learn how to deal with instant stress and panic attacks. One of the best things you can do is to breathe. Deep breathing, long inhales and exhales will get a large dose of oxygen into your body and throughout your system. It will help you get back to normal. If you are having a panic attack, start off with short shallow breaths, and once you are able to, move on to deep breathing. Hopefully, you have attended some yoga classes and learned some useful breathing techniques.

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Have a quick bite

Not in an idiomatic way, particularly if you are short on time. This is not referring to going on a lunch break and taking a fast-food meal to “have a quick bite”. Literally, bite into something. These quick bites will only take a couple of minutes and will in return give you what you need for an instant relief. You can have a bit of dark chocolate to lower the cortisol level (stress hormone). Eat a couple of slices of mango, it has the same effect. Also, a teaspoon of honey can reduce brain inflammation, and provide sugar for instant energy.

Close your eyes and lay on a cushion

Again, this works particularly well if you do yoga and you know how to get to your zen quickly. Close your eyes and for a couple of moments get to that good place. Laying your head on a pillow triggers body memory and relaxes you. Cradling your head like that will suck the stress out of you. Both of these work wonders combined with proper breathing.

Do it the old school way

Often, we feel better when we say the things out loud. If you have a friend among your coworkers, take a private 5-min break and tell them about the things pressing you, it will feel better. Alternatively, write those down and have them all come out.

Create the perfect conditions

You need very little for perfection, a comfy chair, a window nearby and your office commercial airconditioning on the right setting. This will create optimal conditions, no pain, good light and just the right temperature so you have no outside elements bothering you.

Nip it in the bud

Do not allow stressful situations to arise. If you are busy doing something and trying to reach a target or meet a deadline, you might be a little tense. Constant interruptions of any kind are not going to help. If you can, put a “do not disturb” sign on your desk or your office door and signal your colleagues not to talk to you. Do not take any phone calls, unless absolutely urgent and do not check your emails every couple of minutes. Focus on what you are doing at that moment. Interruptions will rob you of your time and will agitate you further if they involve new tasks and deadlines.

The final piece of advice is not to let yourself burn out. Occasionally, a bit of stress feels motivating and energizing if you are competitive and ambitious. Feeling excited about your work is amazing but step away from it. Do not use all f your good energy in one go.

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