9 Best Blogs to Follow About Premium WordPress Theme

We all are living in a modern era where each and every business requires a professional & creative website which must be responsive, right?

Now, the problem occurs when the beginners have to choose or select the best theme according to the nature of their business.

How to choose the best Premium WordPress theme?

Usually, there are certain things which are required to be considered carefully while selecting any WordPress Theme.

How To Select A WordPress Theme?


You just have to take care of some of these points while selecting a WordPress Theme-

  • Your website theme must be relevant to your business
  • The content over there must be original and unique
  • The theme must contain some customization options

As there is a popular dictum, “Everything which glitters may not be the gold,” any type of trendy theme may not be professional or responsive towards your business.

The Top Blogs

Usually, a blogger can choose from a wide range of blogs, right? You may have numerous options while blogging and accordingly, you can also choose the best Premium WordPress Theme but when it comes to a professionally created website, then you must be a little smarter as the types of blogs may include the fashion blog, food blogs, blogs on health & fitness, and much more.

 A Slight Look At The Best Themes

  1. Divi (Fashion Blogs)-

Divi is one of the best Premium WordPress Themes which can be used for the fashion related blogs. This is a theme type which can understand the needs and requirements of the customers and thus, provide you the similar customization options to attract your target audience.  This theme has been translated into 30 languages, and some more languages are also being expected to be added on further. It can provide you about 20 pre-designed layouts.

  1. Daily Dish (Food Blogs)-

You can opt for this WordPress Theme for the food blogs, DIY blogs, décor related blogs, and much more. This theme can help you to offer a better user experience to all new visitors and existing clients. The theme can provide an eye-catching experience to all your website users’ while exploring it.

  1. In Shape (Fitness Blogs)-

It is a kind of theme which can be used for the fitness related blogs. It is one of the best blogs to follow the Premium WordPress Theme. Some of the fitness professionals have designed the theme with certain effective and beneficial tools having plenty of layouts and a responsive navigation feature as well.

  1. Karma (health blogs)-

You can opt for the Karma theme for your health blogs. You can get about 30 different colored layouts with the help of this WordPress Theme. It has been pre-translated into 13 different languages and can assure you a better experience than ever.

  1. Newspaper (News Blogs)-

If you are interested in posting the blogs of different categories (NEWS), then you can simply opt for this Newspaper theme as it is one of the best blogs to follow about Premium Word Press Theme. It is basically a kind of multipurpose theme, and thus, you can post any topic here.

  1. Medico (multipurpose blogs)-

Here comes the Medico where you can have different, or some special sections for posting your blogs related to different categories or you can also post the portfolios as well. You can also add an exclusive shop section with this Medico theme.

  1. TheGem (multipurpose blogs)-

It is the best theme for posting the multipurpose blogs as it contains the colorful, stylish, elegant, modern, and responsive layouts. You can also get the reliable customization features with this responsive theme. You can even create your online shop storefront as well to get an extensive SEO ranking.

  1. Newsmag PRO (Magazine Blog)-

When it comes about the Premium WordPress Theme, a magazine blog is one of the best blogs to be followed. Yes, this theme can provide you all colorful and creative or dynamic layouts where you can have numerous customization features to make it more impressive and attractive.

  1. Aurum (E-commerce, Fashion, Boutiques, and Jewelry Related Blogs)

It is one of the best themes for the blogs related to eCommerce, fashion, boutiques, and jewelry as you can get the coolest layouts here. You can now offer the best online shopping experience to your valuable customers with the help of this Premium WordPress Theme. It is one of the most elegant templates for creating a reliable and responsive blog theme website.

Thus, fashion, food, NEWS, magazine, E-commerce, Jewelry, Boutique, DIY, Décor are the nine best blogs that are perfectly compatible with the Premium WordPress Themes. Each one of these themes is easily accessible and can be used even by the non-professionals. So, stop thinking and start expanding your business with such cool blogs and themes!!!

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