8 Ways You Can Generate Free Online Visibility and Traffic


In many ways, visibility is the currency of the Internet. Visibility has been commodified and packaged into neat resources such as Facebook Ads, Google Adsense, SEO rankings or LinkedIn monthly fees.

As a marketer, these & other resources are essential to reach audiences & drive conversions (read: sales).

On the other hand, as a business owner or creative, the throttled visibility on the Internet creates a challenge when balancing expenses.

We both know that your target audience is online, but how can you get your message, product or service in front of your audience without breaking the bank?

Here are 8 ways you can generate free online traffic & visibility. These are not ranked in any specific order.

The first to come to mind is Instagram. Instagram is an image & video platform owned by Facebook. Instagram is similar to Facebook in that it primarily ranks content based upon engagement. Instagram as a platform is highly active & engaged with over 700 million active users. There are great resources about the platform, most available for free. Look into it!

The next element to come to mind is proper use of keywords. This is relevant in many ways, the most obvious being SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO uses keywords combined with additional metrics to rank sites on search engines. However, keywords can additionally be useful with ranking content on platforms such as Youtube, Pinterest, Etsy, eBay & more. Have you selected some core keywords for your brand?

Another useful tool for visibility is a Facebook Group. Facebook Groups are one of the most ideal spaces to grow and nurture your community, whether public or private. This is one of my preferred learning spaces as well. There’s quite an intelligent & active crowd if you can find the right groups!

Another key element of creating free traffic online is ensuring that you’ve back-linked all of your online systems together. In simple terms, this means ensuring that all pages link to each other & function appropriately. This is especially important when being published. Make sure to route your traffic to a page with a Facebook Pixel installed so you can retarget your audience!

This leads well into the next way to generate traffic & visibility. Getting published! Whether guest blogging for a friend with an active readership or writing for Entrepreneur, getting published is a great way for you to both establish authority as well as reach a new audience.

Media appearances have a similar effect. Whether hopping onto your friend’s Facebook Live, being a guest on a podcast or a guest on an established show, media appearances are great opportunities for visibility that can be positioned to establish you as an expert in your field.

Another great resource available to you when seeking visibility is partnerships. Partnerships allow for a sense of trust to develop through affiliation with other established entities. This is especially recommended when reaching out to an audience that may be highly interested but unaware of the existence of the brand.

The final element is formatting. While this may seem to be a trivial detail, the reality is that proper formatting can make or break visibility and engagement. Each platform has it’s own formatting with subtle but important differences. A great example is how links aren’t clickable in the body of a post in Instagram. This leads people to put the link in their bio and direct their audience with a call to action such as ‘Link In Bio’ or ‘Click Link In

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