8 Creative tattoo ideas for every entrepreneur

Do you lack motivation at work? You might want to consider having an inspirational tattoo. With this, you’ll always be motivated.

Running a business – may it be big or small – is not an easy feat. We understand that women entrepreneurs like you don’t just sit around all day, waiting for their profit to arrive at their table. Of course, you have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders and juggling them can be really exhausting. Sometimes, you’d even feel like giving up because of too much exhaustion.

At times like this, what you need is something that will always keep you motivated and tattoos are a good idea for that. This type of body art is permanent and will always remind you to keep going and strive for your goals. If you’re wondering what kind of inspirational tattoo ideas for a busy entrepreneur like you would work best, here are some designs that we highly suggest.


1. Quotes Tattoo

A quote tattoo that will encourage you to keep working on your goals (source)

There’s nothing that would be more inspirational than a quote tattoo. This is because it can directly remind you of its message. What’s even better is that you have a lot of fonts to choose from to make more aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it’s very versatile that you can match it with other tattoo designs too.


2. Owl Tattoo

A small impressive realistic owl tattoo on the shoulder blade (source)

Owls look adorable. Aside from that, they can also add nice aesthetics to your body when used as a tattoo. Apart from its cuteness, it’s also a nice tattoo idea because owl tattoos symbolize wisdom and knowledge. This makes it one of the most inspirational tattoos for business-minded people like you as in this way, you’ll always be reminded of your strengths that will inspire you to go beyond your limits. In addition to that, owls also represent good fortune. That said, this owl tattoo might be the lucky charm you need.




3. Religious Tattoo

A calligraphy tattoo that’s strategically positioned to resemble a cross (source)

All entrepreneurs face challenges too. But no matter how tough things become, a religious tattoo will not just serve as an inspirational tattoo but it could even strengthen your faith as well. No matter what your religion is, a religious tattoo will always remind you that the god that you believe in is always there to guide you.


4. Name Tattoo

A flower tattoo with a name as a stem (source)

Think of the most important person/s in your life. Wouldn’t seeing their names inspire you as well? Again, tattoos aren’t just for aesthetics but they can serve as a reminder too. With that, a name tattoo is one of the inspirational tattoos that would always remind you of the people who count on you. In this way, you’ll be more encouraged to work harder.




5. Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A small dreamcatcher with blue gradient feathers (source)

Dreamcatchers have good aesthetics. Additionally, they are known to bring good luck and success. Don’t you think that having this as a body art could bring fortune to your business as well?


6. Date Tattoo

A date tattoo in Roman numerals with an image of a branch placed on the inner wrist (source)

People use date tattoos to mark special event in their life like a career milestone. But you can use it to inspire yourself more too. It can encourage you to work harder just as how you did to achieve your previous milestone because if you’ve already done it before, you can succeed again too.






7. Elephant Tattoo

An impressive watercolor elephant tattoo made with nice dotwork (source)

Elephant tattoos aren’t just adorable. Many cultures believe that elephants bring prosperity and good luck too. Thus, if you have this tattooed on your body, you could invite more good vibes and good fortune too.









8. Rose Tattoo

A stunning image of a pink rose drawn using the watercolor technique (source)

We all know that rose tattoos are often associated to femininity. Contrary to what many people think, the rose can also be an inspirational tattoo for entrepreneurs too. This is because it also represents a person’s strength; and being reminded by how strong you are will always encourage you can do anything and to never give up no matter how many challenges you and your business face.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll often face challenges in running your business. It can be a little exhausting but you shouldn’t give up. All you need is a little more inspiration and tattoos are one of the things that can serve as a permanent reminder of your goals.


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