8 Creative Employee Recognition Ideas To Try Out In 2019

Employee motivation = Employee recognition and rewards

All people long for appreciation for their efforts, and you should not consider your employees to be any different.

Employee recognition methods should not be underfinanced or overlooked because when your employees don’t feel valued, they tend to lose focus on their work, leading to underachieved targets.

The following ways will help to encourage a positive work environment within your organisation

  • Pet days : Allowing your employees to bring their pets to the office on a particular day every month to improve their mood and lighten up the workspace, e.g. every fourth Friday of the month or every first Monday of the month.
  • Long lunches : Allowing your employees to take long lunches once every month, i.e. instead of the prefixed one hour for lunch, they can take a maximum of two hours.
  • Work flexibility : Allowing your employees to take work-from-home days or half days.
  • Birthday celebrations : Celebrate the birthdays of every employee by bringing a cake for him/her and gifting them something.
  • Happy hours : Similar to the happy hour concept in a pub, happy hours in an office space means that you allow your employees to do whatever they want, in those hours, e.g. allowing them to go out and have a beer, play games or take a nap.

These are some examples of ways to create a positive work environment. Once, you are familiar with such practices then you can go ahead and employ some creative employee recognition ideas, such as:

  • Appreciation mugs and treats

Gifting customised coffee mugs and lunch treats is an excellent gesture of showing your appreciation for the work that your employees have completed. Giving out small gifts for small success stories (best performer of the week) is the way to go about it.

  • Surprise bonuses

When an employee is dedicated to achieving the targets and succeeds before the fixed deadline, then it would help if you gave out a monetary bonus. This will encourage others to do the same, and your organisation can become more efficient in no time.

  • Shout-outs

Appreciation shout-outs are cool and effective. You can mention the name of the best performers on your website, in the newsletter or call them out in a meeting to show your appreciation for their work. This will make them happy and inspire them, as well as others, to put in more effort next time.

  • Personal appreciation methods

There is no better method than to appreciate employees personally. When you wish to praise the efforts of a particular employe you can offer personalised gifts, such as tickets to their favourite band.

  • Interdepartmental competitions

Competitions can help to instil the feeling of improvement within the organisation. You can hold interdepartmental competitions by giving everyone different targets, and the first team to achieve all their targets wins the game. This will create a competitive environment within the organisation and will provoke the employees to up their game.

  • Gamify the recognition practice

Why don’t you accept digitisation with open arms? Yes, you can incorporate the digital world with employee recognition by using a mobile app to evaluate an employee’s performance. Every employee can participate in judging others on their work, as well as social skills (pre-set parameters), and the one who gets the most points wins an award.

  • Recognition award

The most typical employee recognition concept is an award. The concept states that you hold an annual function where you give out awards for the best employee, best leader and so on. Although it is an old concept, it is unbelievably useful.

Many employee recognition programs in Australia have tried out some of the methods mentioned and have noticed a desirable response. The idea behind all the methods is to show appreciation to employees and to ensure fair competition, as these two are the cornerstones of organisational success.

Being aware of your employees hard work and rewarding them for it are two entirely different concepts. So, please don’t settle for the former, and incorporate the latter with it as well.



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