7 Writing Hacks Every Business Owner Should Know

7 Writing Hacks Every Business Owner Should Know

1.Give Your Resume Some Kick!

Do a Google search for innovative new resume styles. You’ll find a plethora of new designs and layouts to fit any profession from Professional Speaker to Graphic Designer.

2.Punch Up Your Promo Materials

Brochures and other print promo pieces take on a new life with the written word. While remaining professional and tactful, you can still create outrages pieces. Accurately and cleverly describe the features and benefits you offer.

3.Take Your Coupons and Special To The Extreme

Plain coupons with the dotted borders and percent off offerings are so passé. Get creative with images and verbiage that make your clientele excited about your products and services.

4.Give Your Business Cards A Makeover

In this day of anything goes, plain business cards will be tossed in the stack and quickly forgotten. Everyone has a business card. Everyone. The key to making yours stand out in the crowd in with an eye catching graphic and clear contact information. Write the copy for your card with your ideal client and strategic partners in mind. It’s usually your first point of contact. Make it compelling!

5.Bring New Life To Your Website

Your business card is your first personal point of contact. Your website is your first impersonal point of contact. Available twenty-four hours a day and readily accessible, your website should be written in an engaging way that draws readers to return again and again. Adding a blog to your website is one easy way to do this. Fresh content weekly will likely ensure a return audience, word of mouth and increased sales.

6.Brand Your Business With A Book Your Target Market Will Love

Professional Speakers, Coaches and Business Owners frequently pique the interest of the audiences and leave them titillated and wanting more. A well written, professional book is an excellent way to brand your business and yourself. It provides your target market with your expertise in your absence and provides you with an addition income stream.

7.Teach Other Professionals In Your Industry Your Tips and Techniques

Self-Help and How-To are two of the fastest growing, most popular book genres. Paving the way and providing instructions for other professionals (and aspiring professionals) in your industry creates a road map for them and additional income for you.

These are just a few of the ways the written word can propel your business to new platforms, new programs and new profits.

Happy Writing!!

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