7 Ways to Incorporate Wellness into Your Daily Life

Wellness is about living a healthy life and incorporating smart and wise choices into our everyday lives. Many of working women (me included) are leading frantic lifestyles that are not conducive to going to the gym regularly or spending as much time with friends as we’d like. Being my own boss never came as an exception. We try balancing our work, family and social life, only to add more to do things to our list. Given these circumstances, I still do manage. With these 7 simple steps, let me share my busy girl’s guide to incorporating wellness into daily life.  

Set realistic goals

When you have a lot to do, it’s easy to create a long list that is impossible to complete in a day. Start structuring your time around achievable tasks helps to reduce stress levels. This allows you to be pleased with what you have accomplished at the end of each day.

Move and Shake

Give your mind and eyes a rest from stressful task by closing the laptop and getting away from your workstation. A motivational talk or a little laugh with a friend/partner can put you in a good mood, even if you only have 10 minutes spare during your lunch break, use it effectively and get some fresh air for a guaranteed better mood.

Be still and breathe well

Many of us experience shallow breathing when we are stressed, which means that we breathe using only our chests and restrict the oxygen circulation in our bodies. Try taking deep breaths lead by abdominal movement, ensures the brain is getting the maximum oxygen as well as putting your body at ease. Daily practise of yoga and meditation will help you breath effectively.

Air time

If you spend a lot of time on planes for your job then remember to keep hydrated, take regular walks up and down the aisles to keep your blood flowing and joints mobilised. Take a stress ball to squeeze in your hand or do some toe raises whilst seated. Little things can aid circulation and help you avoid conditions like deep vein thrombosis and feel better when you get home.

Be socially active

Learn a new activity or take part in a recreational activity you really enjoy with a friend such as yoga, dance classes or joining a sports club. This will fill you with confidence and a sense of well-being and if you find an exercise that you enjoy doing, you will look forward to exercise and enjoy the social aspect as well.

Soak it in

A bath is the perfect way to relieve stress and ease the mind and body. Fill your tub with bubbles and scented oils, switch on soothing music and light a candle to relax your nerves and indulge in a private getaway. This will give you the opportunity to zone out and simply let go for a while.

Treat and reward yourself

A frustrating day can send stress levels sky high. So take a few reflective moments and look forward to special plans you have pre booked, such as a family holiday, a spa visit with friends or a cosy night in with your partner. Encouraging positive thoughts helps to overcome emotional stress and effectively soothes the mind.

If you don’t have any plans yet, put some time for yourself in your calendar and look forward to reaping the rewards for all your hard work. Make time for your own wellness, your body and mind will thank you for it.

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