7 Tips to keep in mind when buying a second hand phone

Buying a second hand phone is not only about going to a shop and paying for it! The process of buying a second hand mobile phone is a complicated one, which demands much of the buyer’s attention. If you are looking for tips for buying a used phone then you arrived at the right place, as this article would let you know about every single tip you need to know for buying a phone.

There are certain things that you need to know before going out there to purchase a phone. You just don’t go to a shop and buy whatever phone you look at! Moreover there are hundreds of mobile phones in the market and you need to scrutinise them according to your needs. Also there are different kinds of second hand mobile phones available in the market. The two major types are; pre-owned mobile phones and refurbished mobile phones. These both come under the umbrella of second hand mobile phones but they have significant differences between them. We will discuss the differences between these both as well in this article. Now, let us describe the 7 tips for buying a used phone.


How To Buy Second Hand Mobile Phones:

Second hand mobile phones are the best options that you have to buy in this era! We say this thing as the new mobile phones are now so much expensive that buying them isn’t considered as a wise decision, as you have to pay thousands of £ to buy one. The tips for buying a used phone are as follows:


     Which Phone Should I Buy?

There are hundreds or thousands of mobile phones available in the market. All of them have the features that can make our lives easier. Although all of these phones have some of the most amazing features, but all of them are not worth buying for you! We say this thing as only you know the specifications that are the most needed by you. You have to buy second hand mobile phone that fulfils all of your needs and can maximise your utility. For finding that special mobile phone; you have to do a thorough research on the different mobile phone models available in the market. You have to look for the specifications that these models possess and also the users’ reviews for these mobile phones. After doing a thorough research, you can easily select the one mobile phone that suits you needs the most.


     What Is The Best Place To Buy Second Hand Phones?

There are various options available in front of you for buying the phone that you need! If you look around then you have online as well as offline options available for you to buy second hand phones. If we talk about the best place to buy second hand phones then we can suggest you to buy the second hand mobile phone online. The reason behind this suggestion is that if you decide to buy it from an offline market then you would have to go physically to the market place and find for a good shop to buy a good mobile phone from. In the offline market, you don’t have the option to find reviews of the previous customers and you don’t know about credibility of the shop or the mobile phone itself. So it might happen that you end up buying a second hand phone that doesn’t do justice to the cost you have tolerated.

One the other hand if you buy second hand phones from the online market place then you have millions of options just a click away from you. The major options that you have here are of buying second hand mobile phone through a classified ad or buying a second hand mobile phone through a mobile phone recycling platform! You might have other options available in front of your, but these both options are considered as the ones that offer you the best mobile phones. The safest option for you here is to buy it from a mobile phone recycling platform as you can easily find the reviews and credibility of the mobile phone recycling platforms through the comments by the previous customers. On the other hand, classified ads are just like offline market places that you don’t know about the credibility of the customer or the mobile phone itself.


     Buy Second Hand Phones Or Refurbished Phones?

As discussed before, there are two major types of second hand mobile phones; pre-owned mobile phones and refurbished mobile phones. There is a significant difference between these both types of smartphones and we are going to discuss these separately.

Pre-owned Mobile Phones: The normal pre-owned mobile phones are the ones that are bought from the sellers and then they are directly listed for sale on the platforms. These mobile phones might be the best one or the worst one depending on your luck. These mobile phones haven’t been repaired before, so they are in their original fittings.

Refurbished Phones: These are also second hand mobile phones but they are termed as ‘refurbished’ as these mobile phones are thoroughly repaired after they are purchased from the seller. Whenever a recycling platform purchases a second hand mobile phone, it checks the mobile phone thoroughly for the diagnostics of any glitch. If the platform finds any problem within the device, it immediately sends the device for a repair. When the device is repaired thoroughly, the platform checks its working condition again. If any problem is again diagnosed at this state; the device is again sent for a repair. This process continues until the device comes in 100% working condition. When the platform is 100% sure about the working conditions of a device, only then it lists the device for sale on the website.

These two are the two major options you have while buying a second hand mobile phone. We suggest you to choose from these two wisely. If you want a mobile phone that hasn’t ever been repair and is in its original fittings then you should buy second hand phones. But if you want a phone that is confirmed to be in 100% working conditions, then refurbished mobile phones are for you!


     Buy Second Hand Phones With Warranty!

Buying second hand phones can be the best or the worst decision taken by you depending on your luck. Electronic devices are unreliable; as you cannot really tell that till when they are going to work and when they are going to become problematic! We cannot really trust the reliability of an electronic device whatsoever. But the thing that we can trust is if the seller is providing warranty with the device or not. Electronic devices, no matter how reliable, are much prone to the glitches and problems. This is the reason that you should always buy second hand phones from the platforms that provide warranties with the devices they sell. Over here, there is another thing to notice that you should always buy second hand phones from a platform that provides at least 12 months warranty with mobile phones. We say this thing as; longer the warranty – more the reliability!


     Buy Second Hand Phones With Assurance:

It usually happens that if you buy a product online, you might be scammed. This happens as the online stores usually write wrong descriptions with the products that they sell. This is an issue that is happening everywhere across the globe. And this is the reason we ask you to buy second hand phones from a place that provides a return policy with the devices they are selling. According to the return policy; if you haven’t received what you have ordered from the store, then you can easily return it and get a full reimbursement. So this is an important thing to check for a return policy while buying second hand phones online to prevent from the scammers.


     Check For Delivery Charges While Buying Second Hand Phones:

It might happen that the online stores have hidden delivery charges that might make you cost much. Some of the online stores provide their customers with free delivery services, while others charge for delivering the products. You have to check if the platform from which you are buying second hand phones is providing you with free delivery or not. Beware; some of the online platforms mention nothing on the website and charge you with delivery charges that are even higher than the charges of the product itself. You have to prevent yourself from such scammers and buy second hand phones from a platform that mentions and provides free delivery with the products you buy.


     Buy Second Hand Phones From a Reliable Platform: 

The last pro tip for buying a second hand phone online is to buy it from a reliable platform! But how can you find a reliable platform? There are many online mobile phone selling platforms operating in the UK that sell second hand mobile phones, but all of them are not reliable. The first thing that you have to do is to look for the warranty and return policy clause discussed in the last two points. If the platform is providing warranty and return policy with the devices then you can pursue further. The next thing that you have to do is to find customer reviews about that website. The customer reviews can be found on the website itself or the other reviews dedicated websites online i.e. Trustpilot. You have to look for as many comments as you can and take the average of the reviews to make a decision. If you are looking for the reviews on Trustpilot, then you might have to search for the name of the website. Once you have searched the website, you might be able to see the average star rating by the previous customers. This average star rating might help you in making your decision.



Final Verdict:

The aforementioned are the best tips for buying a used phone. You can easily purchase a reliable second hand mobile phone if you follow all of the tips discussed above. The best mobile phone can only be purchased from the best platform, and you would be able to hunt down the best platform by following all of the steps described above. So now, don’t hesitate if you want to buy a reliable second hand phone and follow the steps described above to find the best mobile phone available in the market at the best prices.

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