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7 Tips to grow on Instagram quickly

With well over a billion users Instagram has easily become the new platform of choice for businesses and influences alike. Over 80% of accounts on Instagram are following at least one business account so let’s learn how to leverage this and grow on Instagram. I know I certainly am!


Consistent Activity

Let’s start simple, the importance is consistent posts and other activity is shared across all social platforms, but it seems so many accounts forget this. You should try post daily but at least every few days with daily stories, comments and other interactions. A study by Tailwind found consistent and regular posts be extremely important for growth.


Post at The Right Times

Besides posting aesthetic and valuable content, the other thing you can do to greatly increase your Instagram engagement and ultimately your followers is simply to post at the optimum time. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t really take anymore work, simply by utilizing the analytics section of Instagram you can use the results from past posts to see at what times your posts best performed.


Use Hashtags and Use Them Right

So, by now most people know to use hashtags but the trick is to use them right! Start by using relevant keywords to your niche. An important thing is to use the right amount, while Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags, a Sprout Social study found the ideal amount to use is 9.


Collaborate with Others in Your Niche

This is a little trickier for businesses but is just as important, influencers and personal branders should be doing this consistently. It is a simple and easy way to gain exposure and build trust with people interested in your niche.


Engage Engage Engage

Comment on relevant posts, like relevant posts, reply to your followers’ comments and messages, just make sure you are being social on the platform. This will act as a call to action to get your followers to do the same. Similar to how more posts results in faster growth, more engagement does too!


Utilize Locations

You can utilize the add location option on both posts and stories to gain extra exposure locally. Using locations can be particularly useful, for example, if you are trying to promote a local cafe’ or similar. This is an easy and sure way to increase exposure and hence growth.


Make Use of Other Features

Instagram offers all sorts of features such as stories, lives, locations, hashtags, highlights, direct messaging and much more. Use all these to keep your audience engaged and to brand your content. For example highlights are a great way to make your Instagram look professional while also introducing a new potential follower to what you or your brand is all about.

A great tool I use for example:

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