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7 Tips For A Productive Home Office

For many business owners working from home is the most cost-effective way to get their business off the ground. But for some it’s more about keeping up with demanding work schedules. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 1 in 3 of us now work from home in order to catch up on our weekly tasks. Whether your home office is your main office, or it serves as a space for overtime it should be an inspiring and productive space. Here are 7 ways to get a productive home office.

Set up a great desk

There are two features that guarantee a productive desk space. First, where it’s placed in your office and second how it’s decorated.

For positioning the best option is directly in front of or very close to a window. A desk with a view has been shown to improve your wellbeing and reduce eye strain. Taking quick work breaks throughout your day to look out the window allows your eyes to refocus and helps with fatigue. If a window within easy viewing is out of the question, colorful artworks and interesting photographs are another solution to dress up bland walls.

When it comes to decor most people assume less is more for a productive, focused desk. But research shows working in a stimulating environment helps boost your creativity. Boring or bare working environments are more likely to make us restless and emotional. The great news is in a home office you can be adventurous as you like in adorning your desk. Find great homewares like clocks, photo frames, vases and art to dress up your desk. Beware of clutter though; a messy desk is more overwhelming than inspiring.


Focus on good lighting

Natural light is ideal in most situations, including home offices. Working under natural light has been linked to everything from better sleep to improved quality of life. Make sure you choose an office space in your home that has ample windows so you can reap all these benefits. For after-hours efforts, strong downlights will effectively illuminate your whole office space while a desk lamp is a great choice for focused work.


Spice up the office decor



One of the best things about a home office is you don’t have to bow to anyone else’s professional standards. If you want to be more adventurous in your decor who’s to stop you? Choose decor that both looks great and has benefits for your workspace. For example, lavenders, blues, and greys are known to be calming colors that will keep stress and anxiety at bay. Consider a feature wall in one of these colors that gives you a welcoming working environment with extra benefits.


Decorate with plants

We spend a lot of time researching the benefits of plants and almost always we find they’re a great idea in your workspace. They can reduce stress, keep the air clean and even increase productivity. Choose hearty plants like succulents that won’t require as much TLC for a dose of green goodness with less fuss.


Keep it organized


You may be at home but clutter in any working space is distracting. Nobody said you needed an official-looking filing cabinet but office storage is still a must. Bookcases, display cabinets and storage drawers all make for more homely organization. Dress up your space with attractive furniture that serves its purpose while also looking great.


Minimise distractions

The last thing you need when catching up on important work is the comforts of home, or worse the noises, keeping you distracted. Find an office space far away from common areas such as the living room and kitchen to avoid being affected by noise from your household or the temptations of food and TV. If you need extra help in the noise control department consider a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Listening to classical music can improve focus so pop your headphones on and drown out everything else. Find yourself some great headphones here.


Allocate an inspiration corner

Some tasks require you to think outside the box, especially in creative career paths. Designate a corner of your office to brainstorming and positive energy for when you need some free-thinking space. Hang a whiteboard for your brainstorming and surround yourself with positive affirmations that remind you to keep an open mind. Skip the generic hang in their baby posters and look for sayings that truly inspire you on anything from book covers to coffee mugs.


Your home office should be fun but it should also make you feel like working. Using these 7 ideas you can style a productive home office that will see you smashing through glass ceilings.

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