7 things to do before selling your home

The process of home selling can be a gigantic rush. When it comes to selling your house, you will need to make amendments to boost the value of the property. To prevent making any mistakes that can’t be changed once your house has been listed onto the market, be sure to make prior preparations. With some effort and a little know-how, you will be able to sell your house faster and at a higher price! Here is a checklist of 7 things to do before selling your home.


  1. Deep clean and declutter

The first thing you will need to do is to remove any unnecessary clutter. Although you may be attached to your personal home items, new home buyers will not share the same connection. Be sure to remove any objects that are personalised such as photographs, jewellery, souvenirs and books. It is completely up to you whether you want to keep the possessions for your new home or discard it. Alternatively, you can sell discarded items on Ebay to earn a bit of money from unwanted possessions.


  1. Boost the exterior appeal

Presentation is one of the highest factors when it comes to creating appeal for your home. Provide the opportunity for buyers to imagine your home as theirs by adding in a garden shed. A fresh new shed can mean the difference between an old rustic backyard to one that can suitably become someone’s new home! Find a shed that’s suitable for your home on sites like EasyShed. Another tip to boost the value of your property is by pressure cleaning the concrete of your driveway and backyard patio. Ensure that your grass is freshly mowed and add bark or mulch to your garden soil for an added pop of colour.


  1. Create liveable spaces

Enhance your interior by including features that will make your house appear more liveable.

Rearrange your existing furniture and add coordinated coloured pillows and throwovers. Use the various living room ideas as an inspiration to the design of your home to instantly create a more livelier and homely feel. Adding simple décor such as a vase of flowers and lighting can add dimension to your living room and dining room areas.


  1. Choose low maintenance materials

When replacing new countertops or flooring, ensure to select materials that are low cost to maintain. Hardwood, tile, laminate and carpet are not only durable flooring options, but also cheaper to replace and maintain. Quartz and Granite are also the go-to materials for countertops as they highly durable meaning it will also be harder to break anyone’s budget!


  1. Freshen up your home

After removing all your furniture, photo frames and personal décor, you will be left with walls and floors. If your walls need a bit of a touch up, add a lick of paint to make any old walls looking as good as new! Using a steam mop to deep clean your flooring is also a great way to freshen up the interior of your property. If there are any broken taps or handles, giving a quick replacement can do a lot to increasing the value of your home and appear more attractive to interested buyers.


  1. Get the angles right

To sell your property, you will be required to take photographs to advertise your home when listing it on the market. To enhance the appeal of your home, hire a professional home stylist to stage your property through recommendations on ways to increase the level of its attractiveness. Advantage Styling and The Styling Edge will consult you on ways you can better prepare your home and increase its interest towards buyers. Hiring a professional photographer also allows you raise the bar on the quality of photos of your home through the right angles to capture its homely beauty. Choosing the right agent will also allow you to market your property to maximise its value. They will also assist you to negotiate a good price for you when selling your home.


  1. Do your research

Are there any specifications that you will need to modify to make your home legally buyable? You may be required to provide specific documentation or certificates from your local council prior to selling your home. Don’t wait until the last minute to gather your documents as they may not be ready in time for you when you need it!


Make preparations prior to selling your home to boost the value of your property when it’s time to be auctioned off. By taking steps to modify your house, you can present your property to showcase its greatest qualities. What tips will you use to prepare your property before selling?

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