7 Strategies for staying fit as a do it all mum

Bringing up another human being can take a lot from a person. Mums sacrifice so much of themselves, whether they stay at home or work, part-time or full-time. Staying fit and healthy, as difficult as it can be, is beneficial to both mums and their kids. A healthy, happy mum is better for all.


7 Strategies for Staying Fit as a Do It All Mum

We share 7 strategies that a do-it-all mum can use to stay fit. These strategies are some of the easy things you can do to manage your fitness and still be a proactive mum, alongside your many other roles.


1. Make exercise a habit

There’s no set time or fixed number of gym sessions before working out becomes a habit. It takes doing it when you say you would even if you don’t want to for it to stick. When trying to form a habit, the early days will be the hardest. Knowing how to make exercise a long-term habit helps keep your mindset in check and motivate you on the laziest days.


Once you form a habit, exercising will become a little bit easier. You do need to try and maintain the habit, but you’ll have built the muscle memory to sustain.


2. Plan your workout ahead of time

Sometimes, getting yourself in workout clothes and to the gym are the easy parts. Not knowing what to do when you get there is what really takes up time. At worst, it can even be de-motivating and frustrating, causing you to stop going.


Plan your workouts ahead of time so you know what to do, and be specific. It’s not always about when to do it, but also what to do exactly. Be specific about which workouts on which days, and how long for each, so you can focus on doing instead of thinking what to do next.


3. Invest in a wardrobe update

Updating your activewear can have a major motivation-boosting effect. Those attractive matching sports bra and leggings sets aren’t just for marketing purposes; they help to give you more confidence for your workout. They also give you additional motiviation to carry through and keep exercising – you’ve invested in it.

Investing in clothes that provide ample support, confidence, motivation, and excitement goes a long way.


4. Take daily walks

While walking isn’t pushing your cardiovascular strength, it is a great form an anaerobic exercise. Beyond that, it is a great way to make time and space to clear your head and mind.


If you can’t take at least 5 or 10 minutes out of your day to do something for yourself, maybe you have to reevaluate how you spend your time. Surely there’s something you can swap out to make time for taking a walk, like checking social media. This doesn’t only cater to your physical fitness but also your mental state.


5. Get your friends and family involved

As a mum, there are so many roles to fill in all your loved ones’ lives. Working out might seem like another thing that keeps you from spending quality time. Make it a shared activity instead of a solitary one, so you can spend time with your kids, husband, siblings, or friends while tending to your fitness.


6. Eat clean

You’ve heard it a million times: fitness is so much more than just working out, it’s more about eating healthy and clean. If you don’t know where to start, stick to these principles of clean eating. If you are the cook of the house, you can also include your whole family into this clean-eating habit, and have everyone get the right nutrients they need.


7. Keep to a consistent sleeping schedule

This might be a hard one, especially if you’re a mum of a newborn baby. As much as possible, try to retain to a consistent sleeping schedule, daytime naps included, even if you wake up at weird hours. Train your body to a certain routine and it will thank you in the long run when you’re able to discipline yourself easier with regards to sleep.


As a working mum, life can be hectic, busy, and frantic, leaving you with no time to tend to your needs. However, setting aside time to stay in shape will reward you and your family.


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