7 Simple Tweaks to Make Your Startup Space Way Healthier

Creating a close community and promoting the growth of your business requires you to ensure the health and well-being of your employees. By creating suitable working conditions and an inspiring environment, not only will you enhance the efficiency of your employees, but you’ll also contribute to their job satisfaction. Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you create a healthy and clean startup space where both your employees and your business can thrive.


Aim for a homey vibe

When designing your office, you should aim at creating a cosy, home-inspired look. The modern office has become a home away from home to employees, providing them with a comfortable, enjoyable atmosphere where they can relieve stress, cooperate and work efficiently. Providing your employees with homey comforts will make them feel more comfortable at work, which will also have a positive impact on their state of mind.


Design a cosy lounge area

lounge area
Your employees should have an area for relaxation where they can spend time with each other and unwind during their breaks. A cosy lounge area is the perfect space for such a purpose and it will definitely make your office space more enjoyable. You should introduce sofas and armchairs, organising them in a semi-circle for a feeling of warmth and cosiness. You should also add cosy area rugs that will create a home-inspired look. This will be your employees’ favorite place that will boost their job satisfaction and mood substantially.


Have it cleaned the green way

You should also make sure that your office is cleaned regularly and properly. However, you should opt for green cleaning supplies that don’t contain harmful substances, especially when cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and area rugs that are full of allergens and hazards. If you decide to go with a cleaning company, make sure to pick one that will clean your office in an eco-friendly manner. Green cleaning methods have become quite popular in Australia. For example, experts for carpet cleaning in Camden use environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and products that are highly effective and absolutely safe. This way, you can rest assured that your rugs are free from dirt, allergens and toxins.


Increase the indoor air quality

healthy office
Creating a healthy work environment for your employees also entails making sure that they breathe clean air. This is particularly important in offices due to all the equipment present. Therefore, you should make sure that your ventilation is in great condition and that the AC air filters are clean. Typically, you should change the air filters every three months because they can become covered in mould and dust. You should also introduce effective and reliable air purifiers that will eliminate airborne pollutants. Finally, indoor plants are also a great way to make your indoor air cleaner and your office space more enjoyable. Not only do plants act as air purifiers, but they will also enhance the focus and motivation of your employees.


Create a well-equipped kitchen

The kitchen is one of those homey comforts that almost every modern office has. By designing one in your office, you’ll be able to encourage your employees to eat healthier meals instead of ordering fast food every day. You don’t have to spend a fortune on designing a luxe kitchen. Instead, you can provide your employees with some essential pieces of equipment, such as a cooktop, microwave, fridge, etc. You should also stock up your fridge with healthy drinks and snacks for your employees.


Provide smoking zones

You should consider separating smoking from non-smoking areas. Your employees who smoke won’t always be able to go outside for a smoke, but they shouldn’t smoke in the common areas where non-smokers hang out. Of course, some people don’t mind spending time in smoking areas even if they don’t smoke. However, there may be some employees who have asthma or other health issues who shouldn’t be exposed to cigarette smoke.


Pay attention to lighting

office space
Lighting is important for employees’ health and productivity. It’s important that your office gets a lot of sunlight, so make sure to remove heavy drapes or install skylights or solar tubes. You should also provide them with proper artificial lighting, implementing multiple sources of light and giving your employees desk lamps. Furthermore, you should go with bright LED lights because they have a clear white glow suitable for offices. In addition, LEDs are significantly more durable and energy-saving, which will help you enhance the energy efficiency of your office.

A healthy and clean workspace is essential for your employees’ well-being. Aside from contributing to their health and enhancing their mood, a healthy office will also boost their productivity.

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