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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Thailand

Millions of travellers flock to the country of smiles every single year. And small wonder, Thailand happens to be a fantastic destination with idyllic islands, mystical mountain temples and hypermodern cities. Thailand has it all when it comes to celebrating your holidays or travelling through the country. Here are seven reasons why should travel to Thailand!


1. World famous street food

It sounds crazy, but in Thailand, you’ll find some of the best food right on the street. Thai street food is famous all over the world. It is made with fresh ingredients and ridiculously cheap. Look where the locals buy their meals, order a dish for yourself and take a seat on one of the plastic stools by the roadside. A perfect meal is yours for less than a few dollars.

Try Som Tam (papaya salad), Pad Thai (rice noodles with peanuts), Massaman Curry (red curry with potato) or a Khao Pad (fried rice). It doesn’t matter what you order, just try it. You’ll love it!

Pad Thai stall at Bangkok's Khao San Road
Pad Thai stall at Bangkok’s Khao San Road.


2. The perfect island

Are you into wild beach parties, loud music and fire breathers? Or do you prefer a deserted white beach with palm trees? Thailand has got it all – and everything in between.

The most developed islands, Phuket and Koh Samui, each have their airport and are only an hour’s flight away from Bangkok. If you’re looking for a tropical island paradise without hordes of tourists, then go to Koh Yao Yai, Koh Kradan or Koh Lipe.

All in all, Thailand has more than 300 tropical islands. So there will always be an island that is perfect for you!

Karma Beach at Koh Lipe
Karma Beach at Koh Lipe.


3. Learn something new

Did you know that Thailand is one of the cheapest places in the world to get your diving certificate? You can follow a four-day diving course on Koh Tao for less than 400 AUS $. Discover the world underwater and spot the whale shark!

But there’s more. Thai cooking courses are top-rated, but a massage course or go on a multiple day yoga retreat are also among your options. Whatever it is you want to do, it’s almost certain you will be able to do it during your Thai travels!

Taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai
Taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai.


4. Travel like a local

What goes for food goes for transportation as well. Travel like a local. Hop on the train, the city bus or the local boat in Bangkok and cross the Chao Phraya river.

This is the best way to get to know the country and its people. Did you know that there are markets in the third class train compartments? Or that travelling by boat in Bangkok is much quicker?

But best of all, using transportation like the locals is incredibly inexpensive!

Chao Phraya Express Boat
Chao Phraya Express Boat.


5. Join the world’s biggest water fight  

April is the month when Songkran (Thai New Year) is celebrated throughout the country. How they celebrate it? By having the biggest water fight in the entire world!

Grab on to a water gun or a bucket of ice water and join the fight. For the best experience, celebrate it in Bangkok, Chiang Mai or on one of the larger islands!

Songkran: Thai New Year
Songkran: Thai New Year.


6. Backpacker and family destination

Many backpackers starting out their travels in Asia first arrive in Bangkok. You get to sleep in cheap, but clean, hostels while meeting fellow travellers of similar mind and nature: to have the most unforgettable time. Or splurge a little and book a luxury hotel by the riverside. It’s up to you!

But Thailand is ideal for families as well. There are lots of nice hotels that have swimming pools and fun activities (such as the Erawan Waterfalls near Kanchanaburi, the Sea Life Aquarium in Bangkok, the pleasant beaches of Railay Beach and much, much more). Travel in Thailand is comfortable, quick and safe.

Backpacking in Phang Nga City.
Backpacking in Phang Nga City


7. Nature and wildlife

Thailand is also great for anyone who loves nature. Just look at the many national parks the country has and how different they from each other. Visit the Khao Yai National Park (only three hours away from Bangkok) if you fancy seeing wild elephants, toucans or crocodiles.

But the most spectacular of the all the Thai national parks is probably Khao Sok National Park, located in the country’s south. Here you can sleep in a cabin floating on a crystal clear lake, while at night you can hear the gibbons making sounds. The boat trips across the lake are fantastic too. This is Thailand at its very best!

Bonus tip: Speak some Thai

Finally, try to speak some Thai. The Thai will appreciate you making an effort to speak their language, and for you, it’s no trouble at all. Here are few basic sentences you can practice before hopping on that plane to Thailand!

  • Hello = Sawat Dee
  • Thanks = Khawb Khun
  • Cheers = Chock Dee
  • How are you? = Sabai Dee Mai?
  • It was a very nice meal = Aroi Mak Mak
  • Yes = Chai
  • No, thanks = Mai Auw

Note: Men end their sentences with ‘Krap’ while women say ‘Kha’.

Image Credits: Ben Reeves

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