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7 Questions Your Web Design Company Shall Ask You To Attract More Traffic & Generate Leads

Are you planning to hire a web design company in New York? Are you looking for an experienced web designer in NYC? How do you think you can assess if it is the correct one for your business or not? How can you avoid paying the wrong ones?

To know how proficient and knowledgeable your website design company is, you need to observe what inquiries do they have regarding your requirements. Their questions can tell a lot about their technical expertise and abilities. The following are some essential questions that they should ask you to make sure your website is appealing enough to attract traffic and generate leads:


What does your company do? Who is your target audience? What products & services do you deal in?

The web designer needs to ask you about the history of your company, products & services that you deal with and whom do you consider your target audience. He needs to have a thorough understanding of your business goals and objectives to find out what will be required to make sure you achieve them quickly. Your website needs to complement your business approach, present your products & services in the most attractive & informative manner in front of your prospects to lure them in. This is possible only when he knows who are you targeting and what do you actually do.


How are you different from your competitors?

To know the distinguishing factor is essential for the web designer because only then he can design something that can put your business ahead of your competitors. If you provide the same thing as others, with no real distinction, then it becomes difficult for you to sustain your business and for the designer to create a unique website. Tell him what your USP is so that he designs the site accordingly.


Which websites do you like or hate? Why?

If he is not asking you which websites do you like or hate and why then he sure isn’t going to create something that will blow your mind because then he won’t be aware of your preferences and dislikes. He needs to know which digital structure you like to avoid creating exactly the opposite thing.


What are the features & graphics are you expecting on the website?

This is an essential question that he must ask you because only then he can deliver something that you want. There are millions of options when it comes to features and graphics, which is why he needs to know which ones do you want for your website. Even if you cannot provide him with exact details, you must provide him with an overview to guide him towards the right direction.


When can I meet the content creators?

Website design is incomplete without content, so he must ask you when can he meet the content creators because coding is one thing, but to add graphics and everything else, he needs to have an idea of what kind of content will be posted on the site. The content creators are the ones who decide the layout because they understand where it will look best. The website designer needs to work in sync with the content creators to ensure a flawless design.


What is the primary goal of your website?

The designer needs to know about your ultimate goal from the website because the design and content will depend on that. The model will be completely different from each other in case of an informative site as compared to an e-commerce site, and if you just want to attract traffic or generate leads. So this is an important question to ask.

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