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7 Painless website improvement tactics for a better UX

Almost 50% of your visitors will leave your website if they don’t feel attracted enough to the way it looks (the UX design is poor). In this article, we will discuss 7 of the most popular and easy to make website design improvements that can keep your audience glued to your website. But first, we need to properly define the UX term.

What does the concept UX stand for?

UX (user experience design) is a complex process that aims to enhance your users’ attraction and overall satisfaction when they’re accessing your website. You can achieve this goal by improving the site’s accessibility, usability and efficiency. Now that we’re through with the basic UX concept, it’s time to see what you can practically do to make your website design perfect:

Rely on simplicity

Most of your visitors come to your site because they want to complete a simple action. You should keep your website design as basic and straight forward as possible. That means getting rid of unnecessary things (such as in the excess photo), adding bullet points to some pages or creating clear and concise calls to action. Also, keep in mind that pages need white space. Allowing some breathability for the content is a healthy sign of good website design just like G Squared Web Design does.

Create a great navigation system

Intuitive navigation is a must if you aim for website design improvements. Visitors can find what they want if you offer them a solid, intuitive navigation system. Use breadcrumbs, clear on-site links and a search box on top of the homepage for best results.

Stick with the design conventions

Allow your users to grow a sense of familiarity. Every website has to stick to some conventions because that’s part of the game. With that in mind, make sure your website adheres to these conventions and your overall UX design will improve! Example of a commonly used convention: the main navigation bar is usually found at the top left side of the page.

Make your website load faster

Improved page loading speed is also a priority for Google. People cannot wait more than 3 seconds for your page to load. That’s a fact. So, if you don’t want to lose precious customers, you’d better enhance the loading times of your website. Google offers some great insights on how to do that and it’s not even that hard to understand.

Keep your design consistent

Don’t confuse your users with too many different things going on all over the place. Stick to the same colours, button sizes, fonts or spacing on every page of your website. A consistent page design makes the content easy to follow and doesn’t tire the eye.

Provide accurate and credible information

Don’t be afraid to clearly state your business. Be honest with your audience! Here are a couple of suggestions here:

  • build a pricing page for your website (if your business allows you) OR/AND
  • make sure your “About Us” page is spot on

Build a solid visual hierarchy system

Properly arrange your website elements to enhance your website design. Our final website design improvement tip sounds like this: organise your website elements in such a manner that your audience will instantly know which are the most important and which are less important.

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