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7 Online Guerrilla Marketing Tips To Skyrocket Website Conversions

Guerilla marketing is an alternative method of promoting your business in various non-standard, but creative ways. While many people bang their heads against the wall trying to think of ways to get enough money to start a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign, some prefer to do it cheaply by thinking outside the box. The fact is you can increase not only your website’s overall traffic but conversions as well. So let’s get on with it, here are some of the best tips to use guerilla marketing to your advantage.

Email Signature Can Relate a Message

Emails are still a go-to option for an interaction between people who don’t know much about each other, so they’re great for promoting your own business. Besides, if email marketing campaigns are still kicking that only proves the point that people are still paying attention to emails. If you setup a professional looking email signature at the end of your emails you’ll ensure that someone you’ve found worthy of your response will know who you are and what you do. Plus, including a link to your website can’t hurt either, as it will definitely bring you at least some traffic. And that’s not all because you’ll also look more professional in your email conversations.

Setup a Linkedin Group

Linkedin is probably the best social media platform for professionals and the one you should definitely consider using on daily basis. By creating a Linkedin group (or more than one) you’ll be in a position to land more leads, conversions and improve on your own reputation. It’s a completely free way to building a highly targeted audience and the one you can’t afford to skip if you’re into guerrilla marketing. You should also join all the relevant groups from your niche and use them to your advantage.

Forums and Social Media Groups

People tend to trust people with certain authority in their niche, and there’s no better way to get to that point than through helping people out. By joining these communities you’ll be in a position to showcase your expertise and get recognized as an expert in your field. Some forums can be an arena (think movie review forums) where people will engage really hard to prove their point, so try not to be part of any exchanges on a personal level. It’s a completely free method to show-off your abilities and get people to trust you, especially since some forums will even let you promote your website within your signature. Or you can link to your own website as a reference for an explanation. Either way, it’s a win.

Consider Giving Your Products Away

Offering your products in exchange for comments or shares can be an efficient way to improve your traffic as well as your brand awareness. For example, offering an eBook for free can get you the following:

  • People who get your eBook for free are most likely going to read it, talk about it and probably follow your website on regular basis (if you did a good job on the eBook, that is).
  • Writing an eBook is completely free (if you don’t amount the time you put in), and giving it away as a part of a promotion costs you nothing. It’s better to have people reading your book for free compared to no one ever touching it.
  • It will directly influence the impact of your next eBook.
  • Your offer is going to land you shares, likes, comments, and possibly new followers.

Free Live Webinars

While many of you are probably familiar with the increasing popularity of webcasts (streaming), right now webinars are gaining popularity as well. The difference between the two being that webinars allow for interaction between the host and the viewers, whereas streaming is usually a one-to-many type of endeavor. You can use any of the popular video conferencing services and connect with your target audience from around the world. Answering questions and discussing subjects live is quite different to having a written discussion since you’ll be able to highlight your expertise even better. Webinars can be used for pretty much anything, from taking feedback from customers to promoting your own services.

Video Content

The world of today is a fast paced adventure, one where very few people will have the time or will to invest into reading stuff. With attention spans getting shorter, it has become increasingly important to pay special attention to your web design and present the content through videos instead of written text. Guides and tutorials especially are the types of content you’d want to be recorded on the video, as people will be far more likely to press “Play” than to actually read. People tend to forget that social media platforms like Youtube have their search engine as well, and being visible on it can land you quite a lot of leads and conversions.


There’s a reason why Instagram and Snapchat are huge right now when compared to Twitter. People like images, in fact, they like them so much that they are by far the number one shared type of content on social media. Not to mention that people tend to share articles without ever reading them, based on featured images alone. Thus, including more images in your marketing campaign can only benefit you, since shares are what you should be aiming for. It’s also a great way to present your creativeness to your followers, while also having fun yourself.


The best thing about guerrilla marketing is that you can have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to experiment yourself with new methods and then share them with the world. These are just a couple of tested methods that usually work, which by no means should push you away from any other ideas you might’ve had about guerrilla marketing. Always pay attention to the reactions that you get and try to adjust your strategy accordingly. Instead of paying with money you’ll be paying with your own creativity to land more leads and generate more sales. Sounds good? Give it a go.

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