7 Office Décor Ideas to Inspire Your Team’s Best Work

An inspiring office is the one that enables employees to achieve their best results, stay focused and motivated and simply enjoy coming to work. The key to creating such an office lies in combining the right design elements and using them to design a stimulating space that will bring out the best in your team.

Make it green

By transforming your office into an eco-friendly space, not only will you reduce its ecological footprint, but you’ll also provide your team with numerous benefits. Green offices feature natural materials and plenty of greenery, which creates a soothing, organic vibe. Furthermore, green walls and potted plants are both natural air purifiers and stylish accessories that will make your office more pleasant and inspiring.

Add homey comforts

Modern offices have an inviting, comfy atmosphere that makes employees feel as if they were home. From cosy sofas and lush accessories, such as area rugs and soft pillows, to kitchens and bars, offices are more appealing than ever. Such a comfortable ambiance will help your team relax and relieve stress, which will consequently boost their productivity.

Customize the space

Coming up with the most inspiring office design ever is pretty useless if it doesn’t work with the space and doesn’t meet your employees’ needs. Thus, it’s important that you customize each area according to your employees. The best way is to adjust the space to each department’s needs. For example, you should group teams together and furnish their corner with the items they need. It’s always better to adjust the office to your team than vice versa. So, make sure to have job function in mind when coming up with different design plans and layouts.

Marge aesthetics with functionality

You should avoid focusing solely on the aesthetic appeal of your office, as its functionality is also very important. It’s important that you create a space that is both functional and stylish, to achieve the best results. By achieving this, you’ll inspire your team to come to the office even if they can work from home. Take Australia as an inspiring example. Although co-working spaces and remote working are the leading trends in the Land Down Under, employees still choose to come to work. Their secret lies in hiring professionals who can design a perfect work environment. For example, Sydney fit out experts focus on designing offices that meet the needs of both employees and companies, by balancing functionality, style and specific project requirements. Office fit outs will enable you to use your space to the fullest and design a stimulating workplace with accessibility, functionality and aesthetics in mind.

Use colors to your advantage

Colors have an important role in an office and it’s important that you use them to your advantage. Namely, colors cause different emotional reactions, so you need to choose those that will inspire your team and help them focus on work. Green and blue are a great option for creating a soothing, balanced atmosphere that will help your team relieve stress and improve their focus. Vibrant hues, such as yellow or orange, can enhance their creative thinking and help them focus on details. You can also implement your brand colors in your office design to create a consistent, cohesive look. Avoid an all-white or grey design because it can be quite demotivating and boring. However, don’t go overboard with colors either since they can be overwhelming when used excessively.

Use artwork for inspiration

When it comes to office décor, artwork is a must. Not only will it add visual interest to your office, but it will also stimulate and inspire your team. You can place an enchanting painting on the walls or have a beautiful mural painted on an accent wall. Make sure to opt for a theme that will keep your employees motivated. For example, a mural of towering buildings can signify the power and increasing success of your company. On the other hand, a natural scenery can inspire relaxation while also filling your team with natural energy. Moreover, implementing artwork in your office space is a perfect solution if your office doesn’t have a lovely view.

Keep it private, but open

Although traditional office cubicles are a thing of the past, you still need to provide your team with private areas where they won’t be distracted. Nonetheless, you should still aim for an open, airy design that will promote teamwork, connectedness and interaction between different teams. The best way to achieve this is to divide your office into different zones and create semi-enclosed spaces. Using dividers, such as moveable walls or vertical gardens is a stylish, practical solution. This way, you’ll provide each team with privacy while still promoting office togetherness.
A modern office should inspire employees to come to work even if they don’t have to. By combining these design elements and creating a stylish yet functional work environment, you’ll provide your team with a second home that they’ll love.

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