7 Holiday Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Holidays represent joy, relaxation, and family bonding, but to a small business they can be an extremely lucrative time of year. During the holiday season, a great number of people are looking to buy presents and a lot of them browse through the online options. This gives them an opportunity to check out your business as well. For this reason, you need to give your marketing a substantial boost during the holiday season.

Here are 7 tips that just might work: 

Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

The first thing to do is going through the email list and sending special seasonal offers to people who might be interested. For this to be effective, you need to target the recipients carefully. It is vital for you to gather all the necessary data on the previous website behavior of your audience and send them offers that they are much more likely to accept. You need to keep in mind that every buyer goes through a cycle and the fact that they did not purchase something from you right away does not mean they will not do it in the future. The certainly will provided you present them with the right incentive.


Team up With Other Businesses 

Another great idea for you to try this holiday season is teaming up with other businesses. Sometimes, this means reaching out to retailers capable of peddling your products with much greater success, while at other times it can take a different turn. For instance, you could team up with a company that manufactures or imports a different product and try to create a bundle that your target audience will find desirable in the future. Remember, a quality product makes for a happy customer, so do not try to promise something that is hard to deliver. Instead, partner up and delight the shoppers with products of high-quality. 


Be Honest at All Times 

The next thing you need to do is make sure your business is perceived as transparent. For instance, instead of excluding tax from the price tag, you can simply give the full price of your product outright, with taxes and delivery included. In this way, your product may seem a bit pricier than those of your competitors, but at least your customers know that this is the full price and that they are treated with respect they deserve. They always fear the unknown and being honest will help you to establish a strong relationship based on trust. Furthermore, if you have a no-refund or no-return policy, you need to let your clients know that from the start.

Hold a Social Media Contest

As we already mentioned, people simply have more free time during the holiday season, which means that they are much more likely to get drawn into a social media contest. You can offer different kinds of promotional products as rewards for participation. We are talking about t-shirts, stress balls or umbrellas with your company’s logo on them, for example. Not only will this get you into the spotlight but it will also leave you with a long-term investment into brand recognition and client retention. 


Print Some Brochures 

The next thing you should think about is investing in some brochures. The reasons behind this are numerous. First, they cover a huge amount of information, they are easy to distribute and are incredibly cost-effective if ordered in a large enough bulk. Apart from this, you might also want to order some brochure holders so that you can display your leaflets and brochures within your company’s headquarters or stores in which you are peddling your goods. 


Organize a Local Holiday Event

One of the greatest ways to appeal to the online community is to sponsor a local holiday event. This mostly depends on the nature of the holiday in question but the perks of doing this are not to be ignored. Not only does organizing a local holiday help with product placement, but it also creates an aura of a friendly local business around your operation. In other words, it portrays you like a business which cares about the plights and needs of the local community. 

Start a Blog Campaign

Finally, it is quite easy to appeal to the people who are affected by the spirit of the holiday as long as you manage to translate some of this spirit into your content. This, however, isn’t that difficult to pull off but you need to start well ahead of time. Write about the locations people visit for Christmas, make lists of top 10 or top 50 Christmas presents related to your niche and even make a holiday gift guide or two. In this way, your business will automatically get associated with the spirit of the holidays, which is definitely something you should aim for.


A Marketing Boost 

The thing that makes these seven ideas particularly well-suited for small businesses is the fact that they are low-cost and high-impact solutions. Furthermore, they give one’s marketing effort an immediate boost, which is always a plus if you already consider your marketing campaign to be late to the show.

After all, Christmas is almost upon us.


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