morning daily routine habits

6 morning daily routine habits to start the perfect day

You must be aware of the famous proverb by Benjamin Franklin saying “early to bed and early to rise a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Well, getting up early in the morning is one of the best habits that you can develop but once you are up, then what? How do you optimize your daily routine in such a way so that your day starts correctly and continues being so?

If you put in some effort to organize your life and form a routine which you can follow on a daily basis without much time and energy constraints, it will pave the way for a perfect day. It is a well-known fact that productivity is maximum in the morning and this daily routine ensures that the level of productivity is sustained. It also creates a peaceful and calm atmosphere for you to work efficiently.

Six such daily routine habits which you can follow for the perfect day are-


Drink a glass of warm water mixed with honey and lemon

This takes hardly two minutes to prepare, so your excuse for it being a lot of work is out of the question. Just take a 250 ml of water, heat it to lukewarm temperature and add honey and lemon to it. This is the ideal drink in the morning as it is without any side-effects and provides the right amount of calorie to give you the initial push of energy.

It is also laden with ample enzymes, vitamins, amino acids etcetera which is highly beneficial. The drink also helps in digestion and stimulates faster elimination of waste products early in the morning. It has a detoxifying effect as well and helps in effectively burning down body fat.


Let natural light fall on you and the rooms.

Early morning sunshine is as refreshing as anything else. Therefore, get up and part those curtains adequately and let the sun rays filter and come inside the rooms. Not only does it create a warm and comfortable ambiance, but it also helps in killing some microorganisms which escape the naked eye. Play nice and soothing music and bask under the Sun for a while and get your daily dose of Vitamin D as well.


Practice deep breathing

If you can inculcate this into your daily routine effectively, you will find it as the perfect way to manage stress. Deep breathing exercises can be quickly done and have similar effects. This technique not only improves the functioning of your lungs but also directs your body to a parasympathetic mode which helps in reducing the release of the stress hormone, cortisol and gives you a sense of calm and peace.


Get an alarm clock that works.


If you have an alarm which is either too soothing or too irritating that it makes you hit the snooze button as soon as you hear it, then it is a failed alarm clock. Therefore, try out the different types of alarm clocks and pick the best one which you feel will be effective for you. It is basically on a trial and error basis, but once you find the perfect alarm clock, it will work perfectly for you.


Take some medications

You may not be consuming a balanced diet throughout the day. Therefore, you can fulfill your daily doses of vitamins, amino acids, and other substances by taking medicinal supplements. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, you can use phentermine for that purpose. Online Phentermine drugs have been labeled safe for consumption without a prescription, and you can use it with a doctor’s consent.


Follow a “getting out of door” routine.

You can do this to make sure that you do not forget anything important. Make a checklist of things you need and run them through and make sure you have all of them handy, like important documents, keys etcetera.

Once you follow these daily routines religiously, you will notice how organized your life will become and will start to look more natural for you.

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