6 Key benefits of integrated logistics for your business

Developing agile, economic, productive processes and properly aligned with the demands of the company is certainly what every logistics manager seeks. However, it is not always easy to have  this scenario internally.

The complexity and breadth of the area’s processes demand active, intelligent management based on integrated logistics. This last concept, as the term itself indicates, brings with it an ideal of joint, unified and staggered operation, in which the stages of the logistic chain are managed as a single system.

The goal is to enable managers and other  professionals to work strategically, with greater visibility from one end of the chain to the next. With the focus on operational optimization, the integrated operation of logistics ensures the quality of all stages, from the origin of products to delivery to the final consumer. At Zoe Talent Solutions


1.Increased Productivity

As a direct reflection of integrated logistics, the company performs its activities in a more organized and concise way. It’s possible to better structure your teams and manage the entire infrastructure involved in logistics from one end to the other more efficiently.

As a consequence of this more efficient and strategic operation, the business manages to produce greater productivity. This can be seen especially when comparing it to companies that deal in isolation with each stage of  the logistics chain .

The fact is that expanded operations management helps improve the visibility of managers, allowing for more precise adjustments and, consequently, an increase in overall industry productivity.


  1. Greater Control Of Activities

 This is perhaps the highlight of integrated logistics. Today, with the strategic value that the sector represents for business, it is increasingly necessary to establish complete management records based on data that truly help the company achieve an efficient operation.

In this sense, integrated logistics is the ideal scenario for those in charge of management to be able to do so with the necessary depth.

Communication among the various departments involved, for example, facilitates the flow of operations, as it helps the manager to know the chain broadly. It can thus promote change and predict its reflexes in different stages.

In-depth control also helps identify points of attention and make improvements, investments or interventions in a timely manner. In this way, the costs of such measures are reduced.


  1. Reduction Of Expenses

 Reduced spending is also among the main benefits of integrated logistics. In fact, this is a logical effect of the numerous improvements promoted by the integration of activities.

The managerial reinforcement in the activities, for example, helps to reduce the occurrence of errors, bottlenecks and process failures, regardless of the stage in which they occur. Managers can circulate through all of them, tracking and optimizing activities.

Another point that contributes to reducing costs is the reduction of rework. As stated, the fact of having a more comprehensive view of logistics facilitates the identification of failures at any stage, minimizing their effects and reworking tasks that could be harmed, for example.


  1. Optimization Of Results

 Integrated logistics also positively reflects the company’s results. The first factor we can highlight is productivity. The active control of the employees, equipment and processes involved in the logistics chain, for example, reinforce the productivity and the achievement of the organization’s objectives.

On the other hand, it is necessary to highlight the strengthening of the company’s competitiveness. After all, in an uncompromising business scenario, operating in a modern and efficient way generates a very valuable differential, especially in relation to the market and the recipients of the services.

Directly or indirectly, all the points mentioned reflect in the results of the company, improving its position in the industry and the level of satisfaction of its customers.


  1. More Strategic Management

 One of the great values brought about by integrated logistics is the intelligence in managing all the stages that make it up. In general, tasks such as storage, handling and transportation end up getting more strategic clothing once they are managed in a systematic and integrated way.

Today, with the support of  software , equipment,  automation  and, above all, KPIs , managers, managers and leaders have a much more concrete and faithful vision of the functioning of the organization.

This allows much more valuable and conscious decision making. The exact needs of the company are taken into account, according to what is extracted from the  analysis of indicators , for example.


  1. More Valuable Decision-Making

As discussed earlier, integrated logistics has as one of its main characteristics the possibility of offering a broader vision to the leaders and managers of the organizations.

This reality is fundamental for decision-making processes. This is especially true when seeking to promote positive changes, prioritizing the maximum use of the decisions made.

In this sense, the integrated logistics and all the internal implications that come from it are paramount. As examples, process mapping, the use of KPIs and the improvement in internal communication form a highly favorable basis for decision-makers to be able to act in the best possible way.

Thus, changes in the composition of work teams, investments in certain areas and carrier substitutions, among several other initiatives, can occur much more effectively. In this way, it is easier to guarantee the expected results for each one of them.

Finally, the integrated logistics, as it was possible to perceive throughout this article, represents one of the pillars of the current businesses.

The integrated management capability and the joint optimization of processes, added to the mentioned benefits, are more than enough reasons to affirm that such a model combines productivity, low costs and operational quality.

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